Thursday morning

Hi whoever is there. Being a maiden bloggist I haven’t a clue what I’m doing  and whether anybody ever reads this will surprise me.  Hopefully when I get the hang of it I will be able to write some reasonably interesting. Where to begin, the nom de plume is not strictly true.” An old dog and a bloke.” I am an old bloke retired and my dog a yellow lab called Bruce is not old. My name was chosen by other people who at this stage will remain nameless!!! My dog and I walk the beach at Whitley Bay on the Northumbrian coast every day. We get on very well Bruce and because I do exactly what he wants me to. Anybody who ever tells you there dog does exactly as they are instructed is lying.  They might do things for treats but they always have an ulterior motive!

Sorry I digress I do a lot of that these days.My blog address Beachthoughts are not necessarily thoughts about beaches but thoughts thought possibly on beaches but other places too. But I spend 2 to 3 hours a day walking the dog mainly on the beach, so you can imagine I get through a lot of thoughts a day! I have started to become a little forgetful ( My daughter says a lot) and I have a theory why. It is simply that my brain is full!. I need to get rid of some of the rubbish I have remembered to make room for new stuff. Unfortunately I have always been somebody who remembers the unusual rather than the useful. The phrase is ” I’m a mine of useless information. So if there is anybody who has medical connections we need to be looking to remove unwanted knowledge and leave fresh space in the brain. It could save the country a fortune.

Finally now I,m a blogger,(or is it a bloggist or a blogging bloke) I need you experienced bloggers to tell people about me. I don’t want to just talk to myself. I hope my fellow memoirists might read me, please. And thanks to Lucie for getting me started. Once I get some momentum going I,m unstoppable. Speak again soon, I hope

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