Today was black friday in the world with riots , people arrested and people injured. Xmas is on the way but what happened to goodwill towards ones fellow men (or women of course) It ust about sums things up though, it is becoming more and more materialistic. I have admitted in previous blogs I am old and I know old people go on about the old days but some things are true. When I was young (OK I can hear the groans) we didnt receive as many presents, generally speaking one big present and a selection box, an annual, board games and small other bits and pieces. Virtually always socks, gloves and a scarf…. and hankies. The Xmas stocking was full of nuts, fruit chocolates and sweets. We always had dates and Turkish delight, neither of which i particularly liked. Lots of nuts in shells I remember and one of the things I liked the best was chestnuts roasted on an open fire. (good name for a song perhaps)  None of our toys had batteries!!!! Now the batteries cost nearly as much as the toys! And you have to check you have batteries for everything. There is nothing worse than a toy without the correct batteries as is it always turns out to be the one your kids want to play with. I remember one year assembling a bike for my son on Xmas eve but it wasnt supplied with a allan (spelling?) key to tighten the handle bars. I couldnt get a one until Boxing Day, what a disaster.

Anyway today on the beach away from black friday it was a very dark grey. Windy, rainy, misty not nice. But Bruce doesnt care he was straight into the waves pounding into the shore. It looked cold but Labradors were bred to bring in fishermans nets in Canada so he probably thought it was like a summers day. There wasnt many other dogs in the sea today, softies. Considering it is December on monday the weather is not so bad. Only 3 weeks before the shortest day then it starts to get lighter again. The lack of daylight is the thing that worries me most in the winter not the weather. If the weather is bad one just wears the appropriate clothing. My dog and I go out whatever the weather throws at us.

The last time I mentioned my football team they were doing terrible. Five weeks later we are flying, 5th in the table and having won six games in a row. But when we expect them to win thats when they lose. They dont have many supporters with dodgy hearts! The Mighty Magpies…. sometimes.

I love Northumberland as you might have gathered but I also love the Lake District. I have been going there walking since I was in my late teens and was across ther for a couple of days this week. Still love it but dont go in the summer now because it gets too crowded but it was majestic this week. Not brilliant weather but nobody about about. Just like my beloved beach when its quiet.

TEDDIES ARE FOREVER  Todays poem is attached just click on to the words. Hope you like it.

Until we meet again, some sunny day

here we are again, happy as can be.

Well that another week gone, in my quest to be really old. Some would say I already am but you younger people would be surprised what people of soixante-neuf are capable of!

On the beach this week tides have been very high and I believe most of Sunderland was washed away by the sea. Unfortunately nobody noticed! The weather has so far been unseasonably warm but we are reliably in formed the recent terrible weather is on its way here. Something to look forward to then!!!!

When we do have really bad weather on the beach it is difficult to tell one dog walker from another, everyone tends to wear the same men and  women. It is anoraks, hats, gloves scarves and boots or wellies. BUT us regulars recognize each others dogs. When it does become really cold we all have ways to keep warm. Two of my little secrets are that 1, I cover myself in lard and wrap several layers of newspaper round me. Then aluminium foil, then the normal clothes on top of course. And 2, is to warm one,s hand on the bag of dog poo. It does get awfully cold on my stretch of beach!!!!

Two gripes this week, first the England V Scotland football match was on TV this week and what do they keep showing The bloody Roman Wall!. Please note the whole of Northumberland is North of the wall no wonder we dont get the A1 upgraded, the powers that be think its in Scotland.

Second gripe is that Children in Need will raise about £32m Fantastic effort, but it is put into perspective by the fact that two Andy Warhol pictures went for £96m. There are similar huge amounts spent on sportsmen and billionaires pay huge sums for houses and yachts. There is something wrong somewhere!.

This is not a gripe but what about the people who stayed in Blackpool, paid £15 per person per night inc breakfast and were surprised the rooms weren’t very nice. Quelle surprise!

I dont think I have told you but I go to Archaeology lectures. Our lecturer is Steve Speke, whose nickname is surprisingly Dig. In fact when he dies on his epitaph to save money will be Dig dug. Anyway I digress but he is retiring next week and when he told us he was he said ” His life was in ruins ” Boom, boom.

This is now my fifth week as a blogger and I have discovered how to do attachments. So I will in future be enclosing a weekly poem. They are of varying standards but  I think will give you the worst ones first. Then if you know there better ones to come you may keep following me. Unfortunately  the Xmas party for my followers is being held in a telephone box. But I,m going for quality not quantity!

To finish off this week I’m undecided whether to do my one handed juggling or my fire eating. No, I’m not in the mood , I’ll leave that until I become a blog master   Poem “We” is below ,just click on it                                                                                 WE.

Alone Again

The beach today is how Bruce and I like it. Not the blowing a gale, rain in my face, wearing a full set of waterproofs bit but beening alone with my dog who swims in the sea everyday on My beach. Ok there was the odd dog walker braving the storm but essentially I was alone with my thoughts. What have I learnt this week, well, firstly why do all politicians lie. Well not lie, just don’t tell the truth or the whole truth EVER. Have all the leaders been cloned, they all look the same to me and none of them have had proper jobs except Nigel Farage who was a stockbroker!!! Is that a proper job then? Until the election we will now be subjected to lie after lie and we all know at the end of the day it will be a hung parliament. That’s when the real horsetrading will begin. I’m a socialist but Ed Miliband as PM is just not viable. Sorry.

Just one other little bit of politics then I will resume normality. Do Westminister politicians not understand that the North East wants more power to control their own destiny but doesn’t want a regional assembly because all it does is create another line of administration which costs lots of money .The problem about the North East is that Labour dont care because they take it for granted we will vote for them and the Tories dont care because they also know we will vote labour. So wecome to the political desert, Ok thats that

This week I have discovered a new girl singer who mark my words will become huge. She is called Francesca Belmonte. she has her fist single just come out called Stole and will have her first CD out early next year. She has a fantastic voice and read it first here.

When I was on the beach today it occurred to me as the waves were crashing onto the shore Did Canute say “Time and tide wait for no man” or did he say “king”. It didnt work either way!

My grandfather was a real character. He was only 5ft 6ins tall but was a very good professional runner and could do pull-ups with one arm when he was 70. He lived until he was in his 90’s, I would like to tell by clean living but it was the opposite. He smoked and drank all his life. And my sister and I asked him where he went every night he said the “doctors”. He even told me he had sung in front of the Prince of Wales. I think I was about 12 when I discovered it was a pub.

I,m still under the impression there is no one there so all this gibberish will be rebounded back to me. On the hope there is at least one of you out there does anyone remember two things. First when my mum knitted she had to unravel wool by wrapping it around a convenient persons arms, normally my sister or I.And the other one was that wallpaper always came with one edge that had to be trimmed wth scissors. That was normally my task.

It may interest you(or not) that I write poetry and short  stories so next week I’m going to attempt to attach a poem. Keep your fingers crossed.

And so I will see you anon,please.


Meandering up and down the beach today encrouched at times by a very high tide my thoughts turned to yesteryear, the days when the Vikings indulged in a spot of regular “rape and pillage” up the Tyne and up my glorious Northumbrian coast. (by the way it is a fallacy that they wore helmets with horns sticking out them) They used longboats and the natives got used to it after a time. It still goes on but they now arrive by ferry and invade the Metro Centre and Eldon Square Shopping centre in Newcastle.

At this stage it is important to mention the relevance of Blyth in my developement as a person. Blyth is a small town just north of my beach famous for not very much really.  It’s where I grew up  and attended the local Grammar school.. Mark Knofler of Dire Straits lived there as a kid and a famous non-league football team called Blyth Spartans are based there.. One of my greatest memories is when they reached the 6th round of the FA cup in 1978. They were knocked out by Wrexham after a replay in front of 42,000 at Newcastles ground. The population of Blyth is only about 35,000 and Wrexham had beaten Newcastle in the previous round otherwise they would have played each other. Burglars did well that night, there was nobody left in the town. I follow 3 football teams Newcastle Utd, Blyth and Dundee, where I was born. My dad took me to football when I was very small all I remember are men’s legs. I later found out he was only allowed to go by my mam if he took me!!!

When I first got Bruce my dogBruce teeth pictured above. I was told Seaton Sluice was the dogging centre of the North-East. Seaton Sluice is a little village only 2/3 miles away from where I live so I took him along one night for his evening walk. We were both disappointed. There seemed to be a lot of people in cars, who didn’t get , but just kept flashing there lights. But Bruce was really upset there wasn,t a dog in sight. Very Strange!

While I’m on the topic of dogs have you noticed how many new breeds there are. Labradooles, cockerpoos, golden dooles, yorkie poos and snoodles, just to mention a few. All very expensive to buy too. They basically claim they don’t shed hair, But it grows like wildfire and has to be cut all the time, so whats the point. Dont get me wrong my daughter has a labradoodle, Lola. She’s a lovely dog. When I was young they called them mongrels!!! Bruce is just a labrador but I tell people I meet on the beach he’s a Northumberland golden short-haired retriever. Just sounds better. Oh, no hold on a man with a dog yesterday he knew a man who was trying to breed a pitbull terrier with a greyhound. Bloody hell, that would be frightening!!!!!.

I will finish off on a nice note. The John Lewis Xmas advert is just wonderful and brought a tear to my eye. Penguins are one of my favourite animals along with Kangaroos, Tigers, Dolphins, Horses, Dogs, Elephants and Whales.

Au revoir mes enfants