Meandering up and down the beach today encrouched at times by a very high tide my thoughts turned to yesteryear, the days when the Vikings indulged in a spot of regular “rape and pillage” up the Tyne and up my glorious Northumbrian coast. (by the way it is a fallacy that they wore helmets with horns sticking out them) They used longboats and the natives got used to it after a time. It still goes on but they now arrive by ferry and invade the Metro Centre and Eldon Square Shopping centre in Newcastle.

At this stage it is important to mention the relevance of Blyth in my developement as a person. Blyth is a small town just north of my beach famous for not very much really.  It’s where I grew up  and attended the local Grammar school.. Mark Knofler of Dire Straits lived there as a kid and a famous non-league football team called Blyth Spartans are based there.. One of my greatest memories is when they reached the 6th round of the FA cup in 1978. They were knocked out by Wrexham after a replay in front of 42,000 at Newcastles ground. The population of Blyth is only about 35,000 and Wrexham had beaten Newcastle in the previous round otherwise they would have played each other. Burglars did well that night, there was nobody left in the town. I follow 3 football teams Newcastle Utd, Blyth and Dundee, where I was born. My dad took me to football when I was very small all I remember are men’s legs. I later found out he was only allowed to go by my mam if he took me!!!

When I first got Bruce my dogBruce teeth pictured above. I was told Seaton Sluice was the dogging centre of the North-East. Seaton Sluice is a little village only 2/3 miles away from where I live so I took him along one night for his evening walk. We were both disappointed. There seemed to be a lot of people in cars, who didn’t get , but just kept flashing there lights. But Bruce was really upset there wasn,t a dog in sight. Very Strange!

While I’m on the topic of dogs have you noticed how many new breeds there are. Labradooles, cockerpoos, golden dooles, yorkie poos and snoodles, just to mention a few. All very expensive to buy too. They basically claim they don’t shed hair, But it grows like wildfire and has to be cut all the time, so whats the point. Dont get me wrong my daughter has a labradoodle, Lola. She’s a lovely dog. When I was young they called them mongrels!!! Bruce is just a labrador but I tell people I meet on the beach he’s a Northumberland golden short-haired retriever. Just sounds better. Oh, no hold on a man with a dog yesterday he knew a man who was trying to breed a pitbull terrier with a greyhound. Bloody hell, that would be frightening!!!!!.

I will finish off on a nice note. The John Lewis Xmas advert is just wonderful and brought a tear to my eye. Penguins are one of my favourite animals along with Kangaroos, Tigers, Dolphins, Horses, Dogs, Elephants and Whales.

Au revoir mes enfants

One thought on “Today’s FRIDAY, BLOGDAY.

  1. dear Derek,

    I found you on Lucie’s comment page and am so glad I did! i just want you to know that i have enjoyed reading your posts very much, and i hope you are finding lots of fulfillment in writing them. your dog, Bruce, is quite a handsome fellow, and i can hear the affection and the close companionship you share. i am very taken by the descriptions of the meanderings along the beach you and Bruce enjoy – i live across the pond, so it’s a lovely adventure to read about your very exceptional surroundings – i think it calls me to explore a lesson in geography about your special place on the planet!

    as you must have surmised, i am a widow and have followed Lucie’s blog for about a year. when i read your comment and was inspired to check out your blog, i was delighted to find the stories you write about with interesting bits about history, your childhood, your observations of what interests you, plus a sprinkling of wry sense of humor are very soothing and i find myself smiling and feeling so appreciative for your words. and of course, anything about dear Bruce is also a treat. i have a dog, too; her name is Sadie, a mutt mixture of border collie and blue merle (sp?). we got her just a year before my Beloved died. she has been my salvation, both physically and emotionally as i was diagnosed with another cancer just 8 weeks after my husband died (we both had cancer at the same time). we walk about 2 miles 7 days week, roaming the places where we feel comforted and feel his presence still very much alive in all the beauty that is a balm to the grief of losing him. this autumn, such tender mercies of leafy ledges in spectacular color, and all the transformations of the landscape around the beautiful pond and the waterfall we peer into on the bridge above it.

    so i guess, Derek, this is all to say, “keep writing, keep sharing your story.” and i hope it brings you great joy and fulfillment, more with each entry you post. please give Bruce a loving pet from Sadie and me, too.

    all the Best to you,



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