Alone Again

The beach today is how Bruce and I like it. Not the blowing a gale, rain in my face, wearing a full set of waterproofs bit but beening alone with my dog who swims in the sea everyday on My beach. Ok there was the odd dog walker braving the storm but essentially I was alone with my thoughts. What have I learnt this week, well, firstly why do all politicians lie. Well not lie, just don’t tell the truth or the whole truth EVER. Have all the leaders been cloned, they all look the same to me and none of them have had proper jobs except Nigel Farage who was a stockbroker!!! Is that a proper job then? Until the election we will now be subjected to lie after lie and we all know at the end of the day it will be a hung parliament. That’s when the real horsetrading will begin. I’m a socialist but Ed Miliband as PM is just not viable. Sorry.

Just one other little bit of politics then I will resume normality. Do Westminister politicians not understand that the North East wants more power to control their own destiny but doesn’t want a regional assembly because all it does is create another line of administration which costs lots of money .The problem about the North East is that Labour dont care because they take it for granted we will vote for them and the Tories dont care because they also know we will vote labour. So wecome to the political desert, Ok thats that

This week I have discovered a new girl singer who mark my words will become huge. She is called Francesca Belmonte. she has her fist single just come out called Stole and will have her first CD out early next year. She has a fantastic voice and read it first here.

When I was on the beach today it occurred to me as the waves were crashing onto the shore Did Canute say “Time and tide wait for no man” or did he say “king”. It didnt work either way!

My grandfather was a real character. He was only 5ft 6ins tall but was a very good professional runner and could do pull-ups with one arm when he was 70. He lived until he was in his 90’s, I would like to tell by clean living but it was the opposite. He smoked and drank all his life. And my sister and I asked him where he went every night he said the “doctors”. He even told me he had sung in front of the Prince of Wales. I think I was about 12 when I discovered it was a pub.

I,m still under the impression there is no one there so all this gibberish will be rebounded back to me. On the hope there is at least one of you out there does anyone remember two things. First when my mum knitted she had to unravel wool by wrapping it around a convenient persons arms, normally my sister or I.And the other one was that wallpaper always came with one edge that had to be trimmed wth scissors. That was normally my task.

It may interest you(or not) that I write poetry and short  stories so next week I’m going to attempt to attach a poem. Keep your fingers crossed.

And so I will see you anon,please.

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