here we are again, happy as can be.

Well that another week gone, in my quest to be really old. Some would say I already am but you younger people would be surprised what people of soixante-neuf are capable of!

On the beach this week tides have been very high and I believe most of Sunderland was washed away by the sea. Unfortunately nobody noticed! The weather has so far been unseasonably warm but we are reliably in formed the recent terrible weather is on its way here. Something to look forward to then!!!!

When we do have really bad weather on the beach it is difficult to tell one dog walker from another, everyone tends to wear the same men and  women. It is anoraks, hats, gloves scarves and boots or wellies. BUT us regulars recognize each others dogs. When it does become really cold we all have ways to keep warm. Two of my little secrets are that 1, I cover myself in lard and wrap several layers of newspaper round me. Then aluminium foil, then the normal clothes on top of course. And 2, is to warm one,s hand on the bag of dog poo. It does get awfully cold on my stretch of beach!!!!

Two gripes this week, first the England V Scotland football match was on TV this week and what do they keep showing The bloody Roman Wall!. Please note the whole of Northumberland is North of the wall no wonder we dont get the A1 upgraded, the powers that be think its in Scotland.

Second gripe is that Children in Need will raise about £32m Fantastic effort, but it is put into perspective by the fact that two Andy Warhol pictures went for £96m. There are similar huge amounts spent on sportsmen and billionaires pay huge sums for houses and yachts. There is something wrong somewhere!.

This is not a gripe but what about the people who stayed in Blackpool, paid £15 per person per night inc breakfast and were surprised the rooms weren’t very nice. Quelle surprise!

I dont think I have told you but I go to Archaeology lectures. Our lecturer is Steve Speke, whose nickname is surprisingly Dig. In fact when he dies on his epitaph to save money will be Dig dug. Anyway I digress but he is retiring next week and when he told us he was he said ” His life was in ruins ” Boom, boom.

This is now my fifth week as a blogger and I have discovered how to do attachments. So I will in future be enclosing a weekly poem. They are of varying standards but  I think will give you the worst ones first. Then if you know there better ones to come you may keep following me. Unfortunately  the Xmas party for my followers is being held in a telephone box. But I,m going for quality not quantity!

To finish off this week I’m undecided whether to do my one handed juggling or my fire eating. No, I’m not in the mood , I’ll leave that until I become a blog master   Poem “We” is below ,just click on it                                                                                 WE.

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