Today was black friday in the world with riots , people arrested and people injured. Xmas is on the way but what happened to goodwill towards ones fellow men (or women of course) It ust about sums things up though, it is becoming more and more materialistic. I have admitted in previous blogs I am old and I know old people go on about the old days but some things are true. When I was young (OK I can hear the groans) we didnt receive as many presents, generally speaking one big present and a selection box, an annual, board games and small other bits and pieces. Virtually always socks, gloves and a scarf…. and hankies. The Xmas stocking was full of nuts, fruit chocolates and sweets. We always had dates and Turkish delight, neither of which i particularly liked. Lots of nuts in shells I remember and one of the things I liked the best was chestnuts roasted on an open fire. (good name for a song perhaps)  None of our toys had batteries!!!! Now the batteries cost nearly as much as the toys! And you have to check you have batteries for everything. There is nothing worse than a toy without the correct batteries as is it always turns out to be the one your kids want to play with. I remember one year assembling a bike for my son on Xmas eve but it wasnt supplied with a allan (spelling?) key to tighten the handle bars. I couldnt get a one until Boxing Day, what a disaster.

Anyway today on the beach away from black friday it was a very dark grey. Windy, rainy, misty not nice. But Bruce doesnt care he was straight into the waves pounding into the shore. It looked cold but Labradors were bred to bring in fishermans nets in Canada so he probably thought it was like a summers day. There wasnt many other dogs in the sea today, softies. Considering it is December on monday the weather is not so bad. Only 3 weeks before the shortest day then it starts to get lighter again. The lack of daylight is the thing that worries me most in the winter not the weather. If the weather is bad one just wears the appropriate clothing. My dog and I go out whatever the weather throws at us.

The last time I mentioned my football team they were doing terrible. Five weeks later we are flying, 5th in the table and having won six games in a row. But when we expect them to win thats when they lose. They dont have many supporters with dodgy hearts! The Mighty Magpies…. sometimes.

I love Northumberland as you might have gathered but I also love the Lake District. I have been going there walking since I was in my late teens and was across ther for a couple of days this week. Still love it but dont go in the summer now because it gets too crowded but it was majestic this week. Not brilliant weather but nobody about about. Just like my beloved beach when its quiet.

TEDDIES ARE FOREVER  Todays poem is attached just click on to the words. Hope you like it.

Until we meet again, some sunny day

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