Other week in my life has slipped by without any great effort. A week of writing , book launchs, football , medical check-ups ( nearly said check-outs) Writing was a struggle, Book launch (not mine I hasnt to add) not so good results for the Mighty Magpies this week and the medical check-up told me I,m very well apparently. But there are two big football matches, tonight it is Blyth Spartans in the FA cup and Chelsea are at Newcastle tomorrow. I will watch Tv tonight and be at the match tomorrow. I again stress Im old but my enthusiasm for football (sports in general is undiminished)

But what has happened on the beach this week. Well temperatures have dropped a lot and the tides have been very high bringing in a lot of seaweed. Colder for us humans but for dogs they still go swimming in the sea. My daughter had her labradoodle hair cut this week poor thing looks like a shorn sheep. Great timing!!!.

Might as well have my gripes of the week now. My local council said they would have to cut their budgets by £14m this year but by £50 over 3 years.  They also announced they were increasing there expenses from £7800 to £9700 an increase of 24% Are these people for real. To say the locals are revolting is an understatement.

The other gripe is that George Osborne and his band of Toryboys are upset that the BBC have said his cutbacks are savage. Of course they are. Whats he expect them to say. They accuse the BBC of being left wing but dont mention 90% of the press are bordering on Xenophobia.

Ok so thats enough of that. Sorry to bore you. While I remember, in my medical check-up doctors and nurses have been alerted to the rise of Altzeimers and dementia so are checking up on us oldies. They ask various questions and get you to recite the months and 1-20 backwards that sort of stuff. I told the nurse my brain was full and I was forgetting stuff now cos I couldnt get any more in. Anyway she concluded I was fine (dont know how I got away with it) and said she would see me again soon. So I said have you not forgotten to take blood samples and my blood pressure which she had. Was she embarrassed!!!!

Had a thought on the beach today, can you still get aniseed balls? In fact cinder toffee, mint imperials, penny sherberts(ok obviously not) gob stoppers etc Its all sophisticated stuff these days. No wonder kids are fat. When I was young I held the Blyth Grammar School record of 2hrs 20 odd minutes for one mint imperial. A packet lasted weeks. The only aniseed taste you seem to get now are those namby pamby herbs you get, what are they coriander and other such stuff.YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU 2nd draft  Todays poem I hope is self explanatory For those people who read this stuff, thanks. And if you don’t sod you.


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