Well hope you are all recovering well from Xmas. Hope you all enjoyed it as much or as little you wanted to. I’m really aware of the heightened feelings around this time. It is a time to enjoy with the people you love but it is also a time to remember those that aren’t with us ! I,m well aware of the unhappiness that can bring but you must believe that those not with us would want us to be happy. Life is ongoing and must be lived for the day, who knows what will happen tomorrow. Life is for our children and i was reminded this year how true this is. I enjoyed it so much more as I have a very young grand daughter now. The period before cynicism sets in is wonderful. Unfortunately Xmas has become more and more materialistic. I,m sorry to start off on such a low note. I just feel for the less fortunate at this time of year.

Anyway a lot of the country is now suffering bad weather. Snow and ice and low temperatures. You will be pleased to know the beach has been cold (sub zero) but we have had no snow yet! Everybody who has a dog has been walking it on my beach in the last few days. There have been packs of hand bag dogs all dressed in coats they got for xmas. The hardier brigade like mine are still swimming even though the water is down to about 5/6 degrees. To be fair there has also been humans in the water in their Xmas Day and Boxing Day traditional dips. I’m afraid you won’t be getting me to volunteer. It is a time of year you can’t recognise whether people on the beach are men or women, they all look the same in hats scarves anoraks and boots. You can however still recognise their dogs.

There hasn’t been a great deal of local news this week. That becomes apparent when a headline in the Newcastle Sunday paper states “Ferret dies in arson at allotment”. Wonder if it will make the national news?

Interesting facts you might not know are lizards can’t breathe and walk at the same time and people are more likely to co-operate with you if you give them something warm to hold. Now there’s something for the imagination!!!!!

Back to the north East of England and famous people from here. George and Robert Stephenson who invented the first locomotive and build the world’s first railways. Joseph Swan who invented the light bulb and his mate Lord Armstrong, engineer and inventor who lit the first domestic house with those bulbs using hydro power. Lord Collingwood who was Lord Nelsons assistant at Trafalgar and who won the battle after Nelson popped his clogs. Earl Grey who was a British Prime Minister and who had the tea named after him. Thos. Bewick wild life illustrator and the two Scotts, Ridley and Tony, film directors. Jeremiah Dixon, famous for being 50% of the Mason- Dixon line. And many many more

Enough for 2014. my next blog will be in monumentous 2015. Have a good one and will see you on the other side.

This weeks poem is attached as usual        HOMECOMING

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