Bruce and I have endured everything the weather gods have thrown at us this week. Rain, hail, snow, wind and very cold. Ok, some would say , a typical summers day on the North East coast. Oh, and by the way a couple of days were beautiful sunshine almost Mediterranean – like. Today the waves were for surfing. We do get very good waves on this coast, surfing is very popular. Wet suits all the year round unfortunately in fact I think they are heated in winter. But my dog still goes swimming, well his breed , Labrador originally came from Canada and were known as water dogs. They have webbed feet and were used by fishermen to bring their nets in. So the sea on this coast is relatively warm. Not for humans it ain’t!!!!

Did you know that doughnuts were invented in America in 1847 and the ring doughnut has more calories than the jammy one. Also there are more doughnut shops in Canada than any other country in the world,!!!!!!

The King of Saudi Arabia died this week and his son who has dementia is taking over. We flew the Union Jack at half mast . This is highly unusual. Is it a coincidence they have lots of oil and buy lots of armaments,planes and weapons from us I wonder? But they treat women like shit. They aren’t allowed to drive.  They conduct public beheadings, homosexuality is illegal and a blogger who showed dissent to the state was given 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison recently. We do have to think ourselves very lucky we live in true democracies. Not the pseudo ones like Russia , China and some of the African states run by despots.

It was 70 years this week from the end of the holocaust. The theme was we must remember those that suffered and those who are still suffering. We must not let genocide happen again but it has! What about Cambodia, Darfour or even closer to home Bosnia. We criticise ppoliticians for going to war in Iraq where Saddam was killing his own people but don’t intervene in Syria or some of the African states where the same is going on. Who is right and who is wrong? The UN is pretty impotent really. The truth is materialism rules whatever politicians say.

Enough of that, sorry but the truth is I care!

Did you know the Egyptian word for cat was pronounced “miaow” Well What a surprise.

Aristotle thought small penises were better because semen got cold in large ones. I’m with you on that one, Ari baby.

I was told this week that most American pencils are yellow and in Australia they go for red with black ends. In England we throw caution to the wind and go for all colours. Now thats democracy at its best!!

By the way John Steinbeck used 500 pencils in writing “East of Eden” Wonder what colour they were!

It’s 4-30pm pm here and just about dark. It’s not the weather that gets me down it’s lack of daylight. Roll on the spring especially for you guys in America who are having horrendous weather.

Poem attached is a bit more cheerful this week. Enjoy

Lang may your lums reek (A Scottish saying)MEMOIRS OF A SMALL BOY


It is Friday already and as I get older life accelerates. For some reason we hurtle towards the end after our birth and childhood seem to take ages. Why? We should have more time when we are older but in my case it doesn’t work like that. I am just so busy since I retired I really don’t know how I fitted work in previously. I certainly have less sleep my dog makes sure of that. His philosophy of getting up when it becomes daylight might work for him but he wants to include me in his activities. It is fine in the winter but not so good in summer. And as I vowed not to ever nap during the day I am permanently tired in the summer. Mind you, and this is a secret, I now regularly nod off in the evening in front of the TV. I tell myself this is not because I need sleep it is more to do with the rubbishy quality of the TV programmes! However modern technology allows me to rewind the good stuff that I do miss because of my napping.

This week on the beach it has been bloody cold. The wind chill factor , which didn’t exist when I was younger was very apparent! Again I can report we have had no snow and Bruce is still swimming every day even though temperatures have remained around zero. (centigrade)

What has happened this week? Well Prince Andrew has denied any relationship with the 17 yr old American girl. The Royal family would never lie or is it just that they think they are above the law ? Anyway he can’t return to America in case he has to appear in court and then he might have to tell the truth on oath!

Did you know 80% of people who are struck by lightning survive. Well that’s ok then!

And male llamas having sex make a strange gargling noise called “orgle” Not in Whitley Bay !!!!!

Sorry can’t resist this one. The French word for sexting is textpornographique. I could have guessed that!

Two other things caught my eye this week. A 16 year old Norwegian boy has been signed by Real Madrid and is being paid £40,000 a week. That is £2million a year. That’s obscene.

The other thing is that soon 1% of people in the world will control 50% of the world’s wealth! In any healthy society the rich must help those in need (don’t like the expression poor) I am not for taking away most of the assets of the rich that would reduce the incentive to be successful. But what happens is that the richer can afford to pay for better financial advice, take assets offshore and reduce their tax bills. the man in the street can’t do that! That is why a so called “Mansion tax” makes sense. It is a tangible asset that can’t be moved ashore and can be taxed accordingly. Ok older people who are retired ,living in a big house which was the family home would be penalised. But they could pay later out of their estate. There is absolutely no doubt the gap between rich and poor is widening but the establishment has neither the will or the incentive to do anything about it.

And so ends today’s lesson. Have a very good week and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. This week’s poem is deep, so deep I’m not sure I understand it and I wrote it!      WHO


Well its been a funny week. Don’t mean humorous just a week of ups and downs.bad weather in the West side of England, Wales and Scotland but not the South of England so it it doesn’t really count.

The violence in France erupted and most of the western world sent their leaders to France and professed solidarity to fighting terrorism. The US sent the American Ambassador for France. Fine words are all very well but at some stage we need to tackle the root cause not the symptom. 99% of muslims don’t want violence, most ordinary people don’t want violence it is the leaders of our countries and religions who like to show how strong they are. The ordinary people are pawns. While we concentrated on France this week people were dying in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Ukraine and several disputes in Africa. They were just forgotten!

Sorry to go on a bit but what worries me is that the right wing parties are making big progress in Europe and this attack by so called muslim terrorists gives them ammunition to say I told you so. This could easily happen in the UK.

As far as domestic policies are concerned our run -in to the election has started. All sorts of promises will be made by all sides and it is really up to the electorate to decide who is lying the least. The parties are arguing who should be invited to TV debates. ALL the parties should be. The main parties plus Ukip, the Green Party, Plaid Cmyru, the Irish parties plus SNP. That is the only fair way. At the end of it all there is likely to be a hung Parliament with, perish the thought Alex Salmond as deputy Prime minister. He wiill likely be head of the third biggest party. Then he will demand full independence for Scotland. Once that happens he can become their first President which has always been his ultimate goal. Watch this space!!!

Enough of politics but it is what I have been thinking about on the beach this week. That, and how to have a nice walk with the wind behind one way then struggling thro the icy blast in the other direction. Having said that we haven’t had any snow. We know it is lurking inland from us but usually we get very little on the coast. Supposedly the salt in the air from the sea and the relative warmth of the sea itself keeps snow showers away. Ok we gain on that in the winter but the reverse is the case in summer. The sea keeps us at the coast much cooler than inland.

A spot of humour then . Clams can live for more than 400 years. Just remember that when you next eat one! Pandas defecate (shit to you) 50 times a day. Pleased I dont have to walk a panda, a dog is bad enough!!! The Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing says that under their kiltsScotsmen should wear dark underpants. So there you girls!

We wont talk about football this week as we are not only managerless we have now perfected the art of losing on a regular basis! You will find a poem attachedDOUBTS 

Hope you like it, it’s pretty miserable but thats my mood this week. Happy writing


This blog is in support of the journalists, cartoonists and policemen and women who died this week. And as I write this it looks as if there is another related siege in a Jewish food store in Paris. One of the police who died was Muslim.

These fanatics are not religious, they are certainly not Muslim as they don’t follow the preachings of the Prophet Mohammed. He created a multicultural society where the rights of everyone, Muslims, Jews, Christians or Pagans were upheld. The terrorists said they were reacting to cartoonists ridiculing The Prophet Mohammed. The Prophet was against vengeance. In Islam all life is sacret and no one has the right to end it in the name of Islam or take the law into their own hands.

Therefore these people are not Muslims and 99% of good and honest followers condemn them.

However there is a danger the Western world will demonise ALL Muslims and over-react to this fanatical minority. There is already a large following for right-wing parties in Europe and for UKIP in the UK. They will certainly want to make mileage out of this situation. These people are fascists and Xenophobics and could even be much more dangerous in the future.

I am an agnostic but believe in religious tolerance. If there is a God he is for everyone be you, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist etc. or even me. He doesn’t differentiate who you are! To me the most important thing is we treat everyone the way we would like to be treated!.

Well that’s got that off my chest.

Did you know that all Koreans lack the gene that produces smelly armpits?

Or that each person in a swimming pool leaves behind between 8 and 20 teaspoons of urine?

Back to the beach , there was a small seal washed up this week . It was still alive and as far as I know was carried out from the top of the beach to St. Mary’s island where there is a small colony of seals. The weather this week has been pretty fierce , gale force winds, cold temperatures and some rain. According to the forecast there is some snow on the way. I’m always mindful when I mention my bad weather that compared to other places it is positively spring like. It was on the news this morning ther is heavy snow in the US and it was below -30 degrees in places. Our weather system often follows the US but by the time it has crossed the Atlantic we receive a diluted version. Living on the East coast it is diluted even more having crossed Ireland and our West Coast. We always say in the North East it is drier but colder, the west is wetter but warmer!

Well all my football teams are now out of the Cup and Newcastle are still managerless. It’s going to be a long season.

Well that’s another blog under my belt, if I keep doing it for the next ten years I might even become reasonably good, Lucy B. if you are still reading me! I have enclosed a reasonably humorous( probably just to me) poem to balance up this blog.

Take care fellow bloggists


I have now reached the new year of 2015. So I wish you all a very happy new year and I hope you obtain everything you really need this year. I feel very optimistic about this year for some reason. Nothing specific but lets work together to make it good in our own little way. Have a positive thought every day and treat everyone we meet in the way we would like to be treated. Anyway have a good one. Enough said.

Did you know that a fight between chameleons is more likely to be caused by the one with brighter stripes?  Or 1 in 5 people in Wales haven’t been kissed for a year?

Back to proper beach thoughts. This has been a terrible week for us regular dog walkers! Because a lot of people are on holiday and the schools are off the beach has been inundated with both dogs and people. The other big activety has been the traditional Xmas, Boxing and New Years day swim in the sea. The North sea is never warm and this year it was 6 degrees Centigrade. So it was decided rather than me Bruce my labrador would represent the Wake family. It wasn’t a big deal for him as he swims every day. It would probably have killed me. Fair do’s a couple of hundred people did do it mainly in fancy dress and raised a lot of money for charity. I will pleased when the hols are over and us regulars are left to our solitary beach.

As some of you who know me will be aware of the beach I walk is at Whitley Bay. But you might not be aware how it got it’s name. It was originally called Whitley but at some time in the 19th Century a dead body was transported by train to Whitby in North Yorkshire rather than Whitley. So it was decided to change the name to Whitley Bay to stop the confusion. Although when I’ve been in the South of England a lot of people are still confused over 100 years on!!!!

My football team, Newcastle are now without a manager. To be be honest I never liked the previous one and I’m delighted. But it all depends who we have next. My other team, Blyth Spartans are involved in the FA cup tomorrow, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for them. They are underdogs but here’s hoping.

Did I ever tell you the story of the school milk. Well when I was at school each child was allowed a bottle of milk (1/3 of a pint) either to drink at mid morning break or with your school dinner. My table of ten cheated and we always drank one at morning break and two or three at dinner time. ( Dinner time then is now called lunchtime) We were challenged by the next table to us to who could drink the most bottles with our meals. They managed 72 but my table drank 110 bottles!!!! I don’t think that record was ever broken. It was at Blyth Grammar School but don’t tell anyone. Well they did say milk was good for you!

Todays poem is appropriate for the time of year. Hope you like it.A WINTER,S DAY

Have a great 2015 wherever you are