I have now reached the new year of 2015. So I wish you all a very happy new year and I hope you obtain everything you really need this year. I feel very optimistic about this year for some reason. Nothing specific but lets work together to make it good in our own little way. Have a positive thought every day and treat everyone we meet in the way we would like to be treated. Anyway have a good one. Enough said.

Did you know that a fight between chameleons is more likely to be caused by the one with brighter stripes?  Or 1 in 5 people in Wales haven’t been kissed for a year?

Back to proper beach thoughts. This has been a terrible week for us regular dog walkers! Because a lot of people are on holiday and the schools are off the beach has been inundated with both dogs and people. The other big activety has been the traditional Xmas, Boxing and New Years day swim in the sea. The North sea is never warm and this year it was 6 degrees Centigrade. So it was decided rather than me Bruce my labrador would represent the Wake family. It wasn’t a big deal for him as he swims every day. It would probably have killed me. Fair do’s a couple of hundred people did do it mainly in fancy dress and raised a lot of money for charity. I will pleased when the hols are over and us regulars are left to our solitary beach.

As some of you who know me will be aware of the beach I walk is at Whitley Bay. But you might not be aware how it got it’s name. It was originally called Whitley but at some time in the 19th Century a dead body was transported by train to Whitby in North Yorkshire rather than Whitley. So it was decided to change the name to Whitley Bay to stop the confusion. Although when I’ve been in the South of England a lot of people are still confused over 100 years on!!!!

My football team, Newcastle are now without a manager. To be be honest I never liked the previous one and I’m delighted. But it all depends who we have next. My other team, Blyth Spartans are involved in the FA cup tomorrow, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for them. They are underdogs but here’s hoping.

Did I ever tell you the story of the school milk. Well when I was at school each child was allowed a bottle of milk (1/3 of a pint) either to drink at mid morning break or with your school dinner. My table of ten cheated and we always drank one at morning break and two or three at dinner time. ( Dinner time then is now called lunchtime) We were challenged by the next table to us to who could drink the most bottles with our meals. They managed 72 but my table drank 110 bottles!!!! I don’t think that record was ever broken. It was at Blyth Grammar School but don’t tell anyone. Well they did say milk was good for you!

Todays poem is appropriate for the time of year. Hope you like it.A WINTER,S DAY

Have a great 2015 wherever you are

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