This blog is in support of the journalists, cartoonists and policemen and women who died this week. And as I write this it looks as if there is another related siege in a Jewish food store in Paris. One of the police who died was Muslim.

These fanatics are not religious, they are certainly not Muslim as they don’t follow the preachings of the Prophet Mohammed. He created a multicultural society where the rights of everyone, Muslims, Jews, Christians or Pagans were upheld. The terrorists said they were reacting to cartoonists ridiculing The Prophet Mohammed. The Prophet was against vengeance. In Islam all life is sacret and no one has the right to end it in the name of Islam or take the law into their own hands.

Therefore these people are not Muslims and 99% of good and honest followers condemn them.

However there is a danger the Western world will demonise ALL Muslims and over-react to this fanatical minority. There is already a large following for right-wing parties in Europe and for UKIP in the UK. They will certainly want to make mileage out of this situation. These people are fascists and Xenophobics and could even be much more dangerous in the future.

I am an agnostic but believe in religious tolerance. If there is a God he is for everyone be you, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist etc. or even me. He doesn’t differentiate who you are! To me the most important thing is we treat everyone the way we would like to be treated!.

Well that’s got that off my chest.

Did you know that all Koreans lack the gene that produces smelly armpits?

Or that each person in a swimming pool leaves behind between 8 and 20 teaspoons of urine?

Back to the beach , there was a small seal washed up this week . It was still alive and as far as I know was carried out from the top of the beach to St. Mary’s island where there is a small colony of seals. The weather this week has been pretty fierce , gale force winds, cold temperatures and some rain. According to the forecast there is some snow on the way. I’m always mindful when I mention my bad weather that compared to other places it is positively spring like. It was on the news this morning ther is heavy snow in the US and it was below -30 degrees in places. Our weather system often follows the US but by the time it has crossed the Atlantic we receive a diluted version. Living on the East coast it is diluted even more having crossed Ireland and our West Coast. We always say in the North East it is drier but colder, the west is wetter but warmer!

Well all my football teams are now out of the Cup and Newcastle are still managerless. It’s going to be a long season.

Well that’s another blog under my belt, if I keep doing it for the next ten years I might even become reasonably good, Lucy B. if you are still reading me! I have enclosed a reasonably humorous( probably just to me) poem to balance up this blog.

Take care fellow bloggists


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