Well its been a funny week. Don’t mean humorous just a week of ups and downs.bad weather in the West side of England, Wales and Scotland but not the South of England so it it doesn’t really count.

The violence in France erupted and most of the western world sent their leaders to France and professed solidarity to fighting terrorism. The US sent the American Ambassador for France. Fine words are all very well but at some stage we need to tackle the root cause not the symptom. 99% of muslims don’t want violence, most ordinary people don’t want violence it is the leaders of our countries and religions who like to show how strong they are. The ordinary people are pawns. While we concentrated on France this week people were dying in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Ukraine and several disputes in Africa. They were just forgotten!

Sorry to go on a bit but what worries me is that the right wing parties are making big progress in Europe and this attack by so called muslim terrorists gives them ammunition to say I told you so. This could easily happen in the UK.

As far as domestic policies are concerned our run -in to the election has started. All sorts of promises will be made by all sides and it is really up to the electorate to decide who is lying the least. The parties are arguing who should be invited to TV debates. ALL the parties should be. The main parties plus Ukip, the Green Party, Plaid Cmyru, the Irish parties plus SNP. That is the only fair way. At the end of it all there is likely to be a hung Parliament with, perish the thought Alex Salmond as deputy Prime minister. He wiill likely be head of the third biggest party. Then he will demand full independence for Scotland. Once that happens he can become their first President which has always been his ultimate goal. Watch this space!!!

Enough of politics but it is what I have been thinking about on the beach this week. That, and how to have a nice walk with the wind behind one way then struggling thro the icy blast in the other direction. Having said that we haven’t had any snow. We know it is lurking inland from us but usually we get very little on the coast. Supposedly the salt in the air from the sea and the relative warmth of the sea itself keeps snow showers away. Ok we gain on that in the winter but the reverse is the case in summer. The sea keeps us at the coast much cooler than inland.

A spot of humour then . Clams can live for more than 400 years. Just remember that when you next eat one! Pandas defecate (shit to you) 50 times a day. Pleased I dont have to walk a panda, a dog is bad enough!!! The Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing says that under their kiltsScotsmen should wear dark underpants. So there you girls!

We wont talk about football this week as we are not only managerless we have now perfected the art of losing on a regular basis! You will find a poem attachedDOUBTS 

Hope you like it, it’s pretty miserable but thats my mood this week. Happy writing

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