It is Friday already and as I get older life accelerates. For some reason we hurtle towards the end after our birth and childhood seem to take ages. Why? We should have more time when we are older but in my case it doesn’t work like that. I am just so busy since I retired I really don’t know how I fitted work in previously. I certainly have less sleep my dog makes sure of that. His philosophy of getting up when it becomes daylight might work for him but he wants to include me in his activities. It is fine in the winter but not so good in summer. And as I vowed not to ever nap during the day I am permanently tired in the summer. Mind you, and this is a secret, I now regularly nod off in the evening in front of the TV. I tell myself this is not because I need sleep it is more to do with the rubbishy quality of the TV programmes! However modern technology allows me to rewind the good stuff that I do miss because of my napping.

This week on the beach it has been bloody cold. The wind chill factor , which didn’t exist when I was younger was very apparent! Again I can report we have had no snow and Bruce is still swimming every day even though temperatures have remained around zero. (centigrade)

What has happened this week? Well Prince Andrew has denied any relationship with the 17 yr old American girl. The Royal family would never lie or is it just that they think they are above the law ? Anyway he can’t return to America in case he has to appear in court and then he might have to tell the truth on oath!

Did you know 80% of people who are struck by lightning survive. Well that’s ok then!

And male llamas having sex make a strange gargling noise called “orgle” Not in Whitley Bay !!!!!

Sorry can’t resist this one. The French word for sexting is textpornographique. I could have guessed that!

Two other things caught my eye this week. A 16 year old Norwegian boy has been signed by Real Madrid and is being paid £40,000 a week. That is £2million a year. That’s obscene.

The other thing is that soon 1% of people in the world will control 50% of the world’s wealth! In any healthy society the rich must help those in need (don’t like the expression poor) I am not for taking away most of the assets of the rich that would reduce the incentive to be successful. But what happens is that the richer can afford to pay for better financial advice, take assets offshore and reduce their tax bills. the man in the street can’t do that! That is why a so called “Mansion tax” makes sense. It is a tangible asset that can’t be moved ashore and can be taxed accordingly. Ok older people who are retired ,living in a big house which was the family home would be penalised. But they could pay later out of their estate. There is absolutely no doubt the gap between rich and poor is widening but the establishment has neither the will or the incentive to do anything about it.

And so ends today’s lesson. Have a very good week and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. This week’s poem is deep, so deep I’m not sure I understand it and I wrote it!      WHO

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