Bruce and I have endured everything the weather gods have thrown at us this week. Rain, hail, snow, wind and very cold. Ok, some would say , a typical summers day on the North East coast. Oh, and by the way a couple of days were beautiful sunshine almost Mediterranean – like. Today the waves were for surfing. We do get very good waves on this coast, surfing is very popular. Wet suits all the year round unfortunately in fact I think they are heated in winter. But my dog still goes swimming, well his breed , Labrador originally came from Canada and were known as water dogs. They have webbed feet and were used by fishermen to bring their nets in. So the sea on this coast is relatively warm. Not for humans it ain’t!!!!

Did you know that doughnuts were invented in America in 1847 and the ring doughnut has more calories than the jammy one. Also there are more doughnut shops in Canada than any other country in the world,!!!!!!

The King of Saudi Arabia died this week and his son who has dementia is taking over. We flew the Union Jack at half mast . This is highly unusual. Is it a coincidence they have lots of oil and buy lots of armaments,planes and weapons from us I wonder? But they treat women like shit. They aren’t allowed to drive.  They conduct public beheadings, homosexuality is illegal and a blogger who showed dissent to the state was given 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison recently. We do have to think ourselves very lucky we live in true democracies. Not the pseudo ones like Russia , China and some of the African states run by despots.

It was 70 years this week from the end of the holocaust. The theme was we must remember those that suffered and those who are still suffering. We must not let genocide happen again but it has! What about Cambodia, Darfour or even closer to home Bosnia. We criticise ppoliticians for going to war in Iraq where Saddam was killing his own people but don’t intervene in Syria or some of the African states where the same is going on. Who is right and who is wrong? The UN is pretty impotent really. The truth is materialism rules whatever politicians say.

Enough of that, sorry but the truth is I care!

Did you know the Egyptian word for cat was pronounced “miaow” Well What a surprise.

Aristotle thought small penises were better because semen got cold in large ones. I’m with you on that one, Ari baby.

I was told this week that most American pencils are yellow and in Australia they go for red with black ends. In England we throw caution to the wind and go for all colours. Now thats democracy at its best!!

By the way John Steinbeck used 500 pencils in writing “East of Eden” Wonder what colour they were!

It’s 4-30pm pm here and just about dark. It’s not the weather that gets me down it’s lack of daylight. Roll on the spring especially for you guys in America who are having horrendous weather.

Poem attached is a bit more cheerful this week. Enjoy

Lang may your lums reek (A Scottish saying)MEMOIRS OF A SMALL BOY

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