Walking on the beach having survived another winter week I was thinking how faithful animals are, dogs in particular. I don’t think some people realise how therapeutic they are. A responsible owner knows how to keep them happy. Plenty walks. As Bruce is a big dog, a labrador, he needs more exercise and he gets from me a early morning walk and a evening walk with his big walk on the beach about lunchtime. 2 and a half hours a day no matter what the weather. He is fed 3 times a day, after each walk given a bit of attention and sleeps the rest of the time. He is happy and content. It keeps me pretty fit he is a good companion, as i live on my own. He is faithful. He adds something to my life. Dogs are good for when children are growing up, it gives them a sense of responsibility for another living thing and obviously they are are not fearful of other dogs. They are very good companions for old  people and the right arm for the blind or deaf. The really sad thing is that they are usually faithful to their owners even when they are maltreated. It is their nature. So those of you with a dog appreciate it and if you haven’t think about getting one. Especially a rescue like Bruce.

So in this country we are having difficulty in accepting fracking. Apparently we are happy to buy more expensively oil and gas from other countries. We complain about our fuel bills never the less. We are also happy to support despotic Arab countries with no civil rights and one of them supports Al Qaeda and the IS state. They are also buying up parts of London, Canary Wharf for example. I believe they are buying 10% of the shares in B.A. the airline, already own Harrods, 20% of Heath Row and the Shard. We might as well sell off the Crown Jewels!!!

I just don’t understand the people in this country who complain about immigration. It is beneficial but we need to stop paying benefits to people who haven’t paid anything into the system. That’s all. The same should apply to the British long term unemployed by the way.

More than a third of all sick pay is taken on Mondays! No surprise there then

Did you know Casanova used half a lemon as an improvised contraceptive, It doesn’t however say how successful it was.

And did you know it takes 5 people to extract semen from a vulture. But who wants to?

Finally Prince Charles is going to change the honours system when he becomes king. I believe in the monarchy but I find them so hypercritical at times. He is going to base it more on merit in future. Thats a joke considering when he wears a dress uniform it it is brimful of medals. What are they for? British Prince of the Year !985 perhaps or Grand Pontificator of subjects he knows nothing about. Or possibly he is the bravest man in Britain. His two brothers are not much better , Andrew has just bought a £14M ski lodge in Switzerland. I didn’t realise he was a vice- Admiral( thats an appropriate title) and Edward doesn’t pretend to do anything. I do think the Queen and  Princess Anne do good jobs and William and Harry seem to be more normal human beings

Thats it for another week, keep up the good work

Poem attachedHOPES DASHED


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