FRIDAY the 13TH?

Well it hasn’t been a brilliant week. Apparently I’ve got shingles! It is the privilege of older people to get this elderly version of chicken pox. It can be be painful, which it isn’t at the moment but because it is inflammation of the nerve ends it can flare up to different degrees at any time. But are we downhearted, of course not , it is just a case of as you get older you fall apart. Bits fall off, limbs seize up, waterworks leak and the brain becomes full and you can’t remember things. But don’t worry you youngsters out their it is still possible to have sex, parachute jump, run marathons and climb mountains. So don’t worry life is still fun.

On my beach meanders this week i have contemplated how this world is becoming ever more materialistic. A Gauguin painting was sold for £200m, even more in dollars. I don’t particularly like Gauguin, even if I did how can a painting be worth that?

In the Uk this week a whistle blower has leaked a secret list of people with Swiss bank accounts. This has just come to light but he actually did it TEN years ago and it has just come to light. These people do it to avoid tax. What a surprise! But they will be allowed to avoid prosecution if they promise to pay some of the money they owe back. Out of 1700 people on this list there has been 1 person taken to court in this country. Is it not called fraud any more. It’s like a burglar being caught giving the money back he stole , saying sorry and that’s the end of the matter. The richer you are the more you get away with things. They actually believe they are above the law. Greed is becoming good.

Do you know chimpanzees can identify each other by looking at photographs of their bottoms? Or Tutankhamun’s parents were brother and sister. Bet that was a complicated family.

Or even that Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has towns called Intercourse and Paradise. Apparently it takes six minutes to get from one to the other.                                                                                           It was the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death recently. Just to make a small point that he wasn’t universally popular in this country. He was hated in South Wales as sent troops in against the Welsh miners and in Scotland he sent in troops against the Glasgow doctors. He also changed political parties twice to get his own way. He was also responsible for sending many troops to their death at Galipoli in the Crimean war.

Don’t know whether this is good or bad for the reputation of the North-East but the new president of McDonalds was educated at Durham University!

The scheme of anti- flu injections for elderly, young and other necessary groups was not a success this year as it only worked for 3% of those who received it. Apparently it was the wrong material!!!!!

Finally there is now to be another cease fire in Ukraine where the pro Russian rebels will keep the territory they have annexed. So Putin got Crimea and part of Ukraine. So the West did well there. Talk about after the horse has bolted. I notice  Merkel of Germany  and Hollande of France represent Europe. They didn’t even include Cameron in the negotiations. This presumably is in preparation for the time that the Tories eventually take us out of Europe.                                                                         I have attached poem as usual as follows I AM

Thanks for reading. Take care. See you next week.


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