As i walked on the beach today among the rocks as it was a very low tide I contemplated life. Well not life in general I suppose, just my life. As i told you last week i have shingles. I will tell you now it is painful! Rashes can develop anywhere but mine is on my back. I have a pain like permanent toothache but it is made worse by the tablets I have to take 5 times a day make me feel nauseous and bloated. Apparently shingles is the reappearance of chicken pox which has lain dormant and comes out again when we get older. The doctor was very reassuring, not. The pain can last for up to a year but can come back at any time. Thanks for that , doc! To go back to the contemplation the point is that you get set-backs in health and emotional and financial and family through-out your life. it is a very lucky person who doesn’t. I certainly have had my share. We have several options, we meet the problem head-on, we find a way round it or we give up. I have given serious thought to the latter at low points in my life but dismissed it. I have tried to go round things but the only option for me was to meet things head on. And to try to do it as soon as possible. We all have friends and family to help us ( i hope you do), they advise us but at the end of the day it is up to us as individuals to make the final decision. We have to live with the consequences. But the trick is to never look back. It would be easy to convince ourselves we made the wrong decision but that is hindsight. My belief is that no matter what happens to us we have to look forward, ok learn from our mistakes but just keep going. That is a bit rich from me being a very gullible person i keep making the same mistakes!!!!

So the scientists have now decided butter and full fat milk are actually good for us. After all those years of being told margarine and low fat milk were healthier. The poor cows who are now so used to low fat grass will have to be taught to eat the high fat version again!

I attended a funeral this week which was a humanist, non religious one. As it was for a for a lady of 94 who had had quite an exciting and eventful life it was quite uplifting. In other words we celebrated her life. That set me to thinking has anyone ever had a fancy dress funeral I wonder. That would be fun. I have thought of the songs I would like at mine. Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Dylan and Always Look on the Bright side of Life by Monty Python are my current choices. I will certainly be cremated in a cardboard box if possible.

Did you know the English word squirrel is very difficult for Germans to pronounce?

Or for the last three months of his life, US President had to be fed everything through his anus?

Or even that D.H.Lawrence, author of Lady Chatterley’s Lover for inspiration liked to climb mulberry trees naked? Well that explains the books then.

As i’m away this week end the Friday blog is on Thursday. Sorry for confusion. Poem attached          JUST A THOUGHT


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