Strolling along a sunlit beach today couldn’t help thinking what a week it has been for Eddie Redmayne. What versatility! An Oscar for playing Prof. Stephen Hawkins in The Theory of Everything he is now making  a  film called The Danish Girl where he is playing a transgender woman. But most important of all he is doing a voice over in the Thomas the Tank Engine film. Fame at last.!!! The oscar for leading lady went deservedly to Julianne Moore in Still Alice. She has been brilliant for years and hopefully it might draw more attention to Altzeimers suffers. That and dementia must older people’s greatest fears (including me.

Does Madonna not know she is getting older ? She is 56 and fell off the stage when singing at the Brit awards this week . One day she might act her age. I really used to like her but she hasn’t make any decent records for ages now. Do pop stars not know how to grow old gracefully? For goodness sake Paul McCartney who really hasn’t made any good stuff for 30 years and the Stones are now in their 70’s. They are now just living off past glories. Retire please.

So David Cameron and the Tories have given Greater Manchester £6 billion to run themselves. Scotland and now Wales have been given greater autonomy which will eventually lead to the break up of the UK and now we will start to break up England as well. It is starting to look like a non-violent breakup like Yugoslovia. Just pity the poor North -east trying to compete against these giants!

And also it will mean a fragmentation of the NATIONAL health service. All coming just before a General Election!

Did you know that 1 in 10 passwords used on the internet are either “Password” or 123456 or 12345678. Bloody hell I’m going to have change mine! The least common PIN number is 8068.

Did you know cheese is the most shoplifted food in the UK and the annual awards ceremony of the UK porn industry is called the SHAFTAS.

Good news this week doctors will soon be able to carry out head transplants. Does this mean heads will be transplanted onto somebody elses body or a body will be transplanted onto a head. I,m afraid I’m getting a bit mixed up now. it reminds me of the story in the old tv programme “Only Fools and Horses” whereby “trigger” who is a road sweeper claims he has used the same brush for 26 years, it has however had 10 new heads and 6 new shafts. Eh? I will finish off on one of my favourite stories. Bankers. Another scandal this week. HSBC, one of the world,s largest banks, had to apologise this week that their Swiss subsiduary advised customers how to evade paying tax. The chairman had to admit he had a Cayman Islands a/c . Not to evade tax of course, just cos. he didn’t want his colleagues to know how much he earned. Yes, right! Any way when bankers do wrong things they sorry and thats the end of that. Or sorry they might get a fine. But ordinary citizens will be given a more appropriate sentence. Another example of one law for the rich and another for the poor. I rest my case.

Well that,s another week gone and we are starting to slide out of winter. March on Sunday, spring is on it’s way, whisper it. Poem attached as usual           SATISFACTION


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