I know I’ve said this before but time does appear to go quicker the older we get. Not true but it does seem that way. It is a week since last Friday (well it would be wouldn’t it). Has been extremely cold on beach this week but we are promised by the forecasters temperatures will rise next week. I don’t know about you but I do look at the short term and long term forecasts all the time. But then the next morning I get up, look out of the window and decide what i am going to wear , Wellies, waterproofs hat and gloves if bad but flip flops and tee shirt in the summer. It works out roughly six months of each. Weather forecasters struggle to get things right as (a) we are living on an island and (b) I live on the coast. They have a fair chance of getting an area right but local weather is almost impossible.

One of my heros died this week. Well the actor Leonard Nimoy died but he played old pointy ears Mr Spock in Startrek. Vulcans have very logical minds and have to tell the truth. Well there wouldn’t have been many Vulcan politicians would there! Did you know they had green blood?

As you probably know we have a general election soon and the politicians are now never off the television. The ones from the smaller parties who won’t get many seats promise the earth because they know they won’t have to do those things. The ones from the large parties try to outdo each with better promises. But what I would really like to know is when they are asked questions they never answer directly or they answer another question they haven’t been asked or they bend the truth or even lie!!!!! Does somone teach them how to do this or are they born with this skill? I am just waiting for the Truthfull party to arrive. Anyway we have have 2 months of lies and counter lies. Then they get into power and ignore the public for 5 years. My daughter , who is 30 has never voted. She knows she should but then asks me who she should vote for. I then tell her who I think is “least worst”

Enough of that i can feel my blood pressure rising.

An elephant call can be heard anywhere within 100 square miles. Not here they can’t we don’t have any zoos in this part of England.

Men with smaller testicles tend to be better fathers. I might agree with that if I knew what size was small and what size was big. They might use something like the measure they use to size hens eggs!

Did you know that Liverpudlians buy three times as many false eyelashes as the national average, and that’s just the women!

Gripe this week is about the two footballers caught spitting each other. One, Cisse played for my team Newcastle, And the other Evans of Manchester utd lied and said he didn’t do it. There are photos showing him do it. The truth is they are both disgusting human beings and one is also a liar. As a football fan I am ashamed!

I have attached a photo of my dog Bruce. I’ve told him he is overdressed for the beach but he won’t have it! Also attached humorous poem     GREY      

bruce 52

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