It’s been an interesting week in the world. Mine has been fairly dull and uninspiring although one the stocks I have rocketed up 30% yesterday. Which is a bit of a windfall out of the blue. The takeover hasn’t been agreed yet so fingers crossed, My investments in the National Hunt Festival at Cheltenham have certainly not made me rich. Although I’m never going to become rich or poor as I’m much too cautious. I just enjoy the televised races a bit more when I have a small investment. I like the jumps much more than flat racing.

The only notable event on the beach this week was when my dog Bruce was being humped by another male Labrador, it’s owner stated it was an ex blind dog as a way of explanation. That must mean when it was on duty it was trained not to do that but now it was retired it was ok! I walked away somewhat bemused.

Ageism apparently is the reason BBC Radio 1 is not playing Madonna new record Living for Love.  Is it not just because it is crap, perhaps. I wonder if Madonna has ever heard of the expression “Mutton dressed as Lamb”. Why doesn’t she just act her age. She is just trying too hard. Age is only a number as I have mentioned before. It isn’t a controlling factor in what we do unless of course  we have some kind of physical handicap.  The fact is a lot of us are going to live into our 90’s and even 100’s. I mentioned last week we will soon be able to do head transplants it also came out last week, I think it was Newcastle University expect to be able to make blind people see , even if they haven’t got eyes!!!! in the next year or so. Also it will be possible to eradicate a lot of hereditary diseases by the use of a third egg at fertility stage. In other words 3 parents. So old age is going to become more common, but at what age does one become old I wonder?

A telephone company in England is being investigated as apparently it has a database of 90 million (more than the population of the UK)  phone numbers and makes 6 million cold calls a day. I don’t answer my land line or mobile if I don’t know who’s calling. If it a serious call they leave a message. Most don’t.

Did you know it’s illegal in Saudi Arabia for men to work in lingerie shops.

8 million years ago guinea pigs were the size of cows. I don’t think they were popular household pets then.

in 2007 police in Iran detained 14 squirrels suspected of spying. That’s nuts!

As I mentioned pets above,  the world’s most deadly spider was found in some bananas at a supermarket this week. It was the Brazilian Wandering spider. The down side is it’s venom can kill a man in less than an hour. But the upside is that a lesser bite can give a man an erection lasting 4 hours. I reckon once controlled properly they could become very popular pets.

I hope you noticed I haven’t mentioned politics once this week! Humorous poem (i hope) poem attached           MR. LION AND BABY CROW


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