Well there has been a lot of news this week. Good news , bad news but it really depends on your point of view doesn’t it. One persons’s good news can be someone else’s  bad news.

The worst news of all was the plane crash into the Alps. No matter what you think our thoughts have to go out to the people who were killed in the most horrific circumstances, the relatives and friends. Including by the way the family of the co-pilot himself. It wasn’t their fault. But the fact is that their son was a mass murderer but had serious mental illness. Just tragic, it makes people think twice before flying. My daughter flies with her husband and baby daughter to Barcelona next week! And I tell her not to worry. Planes generally are very safe. (I hope)

So Richard 3rd was reburied this week 530 years after he died. People are saying he was a murderer and shouldn’t have a proper ceremony. How can you judge someone who lived so long ago by todays standards. That like having us judged in 500 years time. What nonsense!. Also Benedict Cumberbatch read a poem and gave a bit of a speech. Apparently he is a third cousin 16 times removed to Richard . That is so remote I reckon most of the UK population is related to him. In fact I suspect we are all third cousin 16 times removed to each other. So it’s nice to speak to my relations.

Some other non-news this week is the artist who stole a piece of stone 1 inch square from the highest mountain in England Scafell Pike to exhibit in London.. The head of Cumbria Tourism is saying it is an act of vandalism and he should return it forthwith. What an idiot. He should welcome the publicity. But here’s a revelation for you. I have taken bits of rock i have found lying around on the top of several mountains. Also I have a bit of Hadrian’s Wall in the garage somewhere. So if I do not blog next week you know what’s happened to me.

Did you know the closer a woman is to the equator the more likely she is to have a girl. I don’t however know if that refers to conception or birth,

Seahorses beat their fins almost as fast as hummingbirds beat their wing.

90% of people remember their first kiss more vividly than the first time they had sex. I concur with that. It was Jean C********s, behind the bike sheds, the kiss I mean.

Immigration is a very discussion point in this country going into our election. A large number of people believe it is far to high. It isn’t really surprising as this country is very xenophobic. There is still a fear of foreigners, they tend (they believe) they should speak english, eat proper food and shouldn’t get our jobs even though they are better qualified a lot of the time. It is likely given the chance they will vote to come out of Europe.

So the figures of asylum applications released this week are interesting. Germany (173,000), US (121000) Turkey (87000) Sweden (75000) Italy (63000) and then way down the list the UK with 31000. So not everybody wants to come , folks.                                                                        There will probably be more news next week I guess.  A poem, humorous, I hope attached   Contradictions


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