Well we didn’t see that coming! Another 5 years of David Cameron and the T party. He is the only one smiling. Three leaders have already bitten the dust. Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage. The SNP are moaning that they didn’t want to have David Cameron in power. Hypocrites!!! They took 50 seats away from Labour in Scotland but expected them to still  be in power so they could manipulate them. Serves them right. Although David Cameron might give them independence to get rid of them. He must also think that he can now get out of Europe and solve immigration at the same time. Clever stuff. Apart from alienating Scotland he has managed to generate an even bigger North-South divide. My area, in the North East of England  is now totally a political desert. Scotland on one side , we voted Labour so we will be even more isolated. I worry for our NHS , Schools and Uni’s. The future does not look good for this area.

Also welcome to xenophobic England. Between them UKIP and the Tories will stop foreigners coming here. All the people coming across the Maditerranean Sea will not be allowed in England. The rest of Europe can look after them, we don’t want them.

Today I’m ashamed to be British!

Alright enough of that that. I mentioned last week my sympathy for Joni Mitchell. Apparently she is being eaten alive by bugs from outer space. At least that’s progress, they know what is wrong with her!

John Cleese’s ( did you know his real name was Cheese) 4th wife, Jennifer Wade has taken in goats. John Cleese is 75 and she is 43, a match obviously made in Heaven, nothing to with his money of course. Is there not not enough old buffers in the family already?

Yet another awful incident of medical science going mad this week. A mother of 59 wants to have her dead daughter’s child. She would use her daughter’s frozen eggs. So her daughter/ son would also be her grand daughter/ grand son. This really is going too far.

Did you know 59 of the 60 oldest living people are women. Well there were when my book was published. Also 50,000 people in Japan are over 100 years old. So most of them will be women I presume.

King Francis 1st of France hung the Mona Lisa in his bathroom. Now that is posh!!!!!

This week on the beach we have had most types of weather, sun, rain, mist, hailstones, strong winds, no winds frost etc and some days we have had all of these. We wear wellies, boots, flip-flops, hats, gloves, scarves, water proof trousers sometimes over shorts fleeces and anoraks. Some dogs wear coats but labradors and spaniels never do as they are proper dogs ! Summer is almost here.

Poem is about the vagaries of British weather        THE FOUR SEASONS


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