Another week has been consigned to history , slipped by without a fuss. Today on the beach was semi-warm, a lot warmer than yesterday which was freezing but colder than the seasonal average. It is now mid May and I have worn shorts twice and my flip flops have yet to make their seasonal debut. Have been preparing for my 70th birthday in the Lake District this week. We have hired a big house for the weekend and festivities will be held on the huge lawn behind it. It is mainly my daughter organising things but I come in useful for the financial side. That’s what parents are for after all. I have eighty bottles of wine in my garage so far with beer and lager to be bought. It is in only 5 weeks now so we are praying for a good day (there is plenty of room in the house in case of bad weather) as we will be eating and drinking on the lawn. My daughter has all sorts of games to be played so a sunny day would be appreciated, God.  There is the famous Ravenglass railway within 100yds so we are hoping to have a trip on that at some stage.

More obscene purchases this week. A Ruby ring which was sold for £19 and Picasso’s painting “Women of Algiers” which went for a mere £115. There are people dying and homeless in Nepal for goodness sake!!!!!!!

My last word for a while on politics. (I promise)

Ifind this hard to believe.David Cameron Thinks the BBC is anti-Tory so he has appointed a new Culture Secretary who is anti- BBc. He is against them making programmes like Strictly Come Dancing presumably because it’s popular.

Oh and Tory MPs apparently think John Bercow, the Speaker is pro Labour.

And more, the Daily Mail (a publication that maybe is slightly right of centre!!!!!! who will certainly miss Red Ed.) stated that most of the BAFTA awards were left wing orientated as the BBC won a lot of them. Most people outside of the Tories think, while of course they have their faults, the BBC makes some of the best programmes in the world. They are very well respected outside of this country.Virtually all our press is right wing. The Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph, Sun but thats Ok.

All this on the back of a Tory victory at the election, what the hell would they have said if they lost?

At least the Laurel and Hardy of the Tory party, Grant Shapps and Eric Pickles have gone!

A bit of humour. The original Popeye got his strength from rubbing a magic hen. Eating spinach was a helluva lot easier and the spinach growers must have been delighted`The most commonly asked question at Hanna-Barbera’s head office is ;- “what did Barney Rubble do for a living?

Did you know Edgar Allan Poe received only $9 for the publication of the “Raven” and the first collection of poems published by the Bronte sisters sold fewer copies than it had authors , which is still more than me!

Well I better get back to the Institution before they miss me. Usual rubbishy poem attached   PREMONITION


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