It is with a sense of relief I can report my football team, the mighty magpies survived in the Premiership for another season even finishing above Sunderland. They played quite well in the final game after 9 defeats and 1 draw in the previous 10 games. The star was , in probably his last game for Newcastle Jonas Guttierez. His is a story of recovering from two bouts of cancer and being badly treated by the football club in particular by Alan Pardew. As soon as he had recovered from his first lot of cancer Pardew tried to sell him. He was never a brilliant player for us but he gave 100% effort in ever game he played. You can do no more. So good luck Jonas in your future.

Some home was given to us long term fans by our chairman. He claims he is staying as owner until we win something. He stated we have money to spend to make us punch above our weight. Words are easy but we will wait for the actions. Tomorrow is another season, my fifty fifth by the way and I’m still waiting for ius to win a domestic trophy!

Football leads me to the corrupt organisation of FIFA. It took the USA to pursue the villains, Europe have been talking about it but did nothing about it. The small number of people accused so far are just the tip of the iceberg. Sepp Blatter the head  of FIFA probably  set the agenda of corruption and no doubt will be voted back in by the people he corrupted mainly in Africa and Asia . They are hardly likely to vote for a reformer who will stop the bribery. You don’t get turkeys to vote for Xmas! Lets face it there is so much money in football FIFA, EUFA and here in the UK is rife with corruption. They are all pigs at the trough!!!!.

Did you see in the papers this week the boy of 18, a learner driver that took a photo of himself doing 142mph ion his car. He proceeded to drive thro a red light and hit and killed another dirver. What did he get, 6years so he will be out in 3. Thats justice for you. The good news story was the one where a young man died and his face was transplanted onto another young man who was horribly disfigured in a shooting accident. There was a photo in the paper of the dead man’s sister touching the transplanted face and saying how it looked like her brother. What a great example of how good can come from bad. Lovely story.

The daddy-long-legs flosses after meals by pulling each of it’s eight legs thro. it’s jaws.

If all the salt in the oceans were spread evenly over the land it would be 500 ft. deep! Wow.

Grey whales always mate in a threesome, two males to a female ! Dirty buggers.

Finally police are going to prosecute those gruesome people who take photos of traffic accidents while driving past. About time too.

Only three weeks before my 70th birthday . I presume I will then be classified as old. Your only as old as who you feel

Poem is not one of my best but here it is         .A PASSAGE IN TIME


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