This week has been a good week on the beach. Most days sunny but windy. Here on the Northumbrian coast we still have a bitter wind keeping the temperatures in the mid teens. This is June , next week longest day of the year. I have given up waiting for the weather to warm so I’m wearing shorts, short sleeves and flip flops anyway! Bruce my dog swims everyday but the water is so cold even when I only put my toes in.

Final Friday is because it is my final friday in my sixties, next week I ‘m 70. Do’t know how I managed to get this old but i have somehow. Does it mean I’m officially old?

I have booked a big house in the Lake district for next weekend for my birthday festivities.  We have also booked all the rooms in the local pub so about 50 of us will be having a picnic and playing games on the lawn at the back of the house. I suspect a lot of alcohol will be consumed. Your only 70 once !

A man in the US was released after being in solitary confinement for 43 years. He has always maintained his innocence, and passed a lie detector test saying he was innocent. HIs release is unconditional. Don’t know full facts but it seems inhuman to me.

Why do rich and famous people think they are above the law and can do anything they want in life. Kate Moss the model was escorted off a plane by police because of her disruptive behaviour. No arrest was made. This is after a year ago she turned up drunk at the same airport and tried to get on a plane without a ticket. Money certainly doesn’t buy morals.

The Duke of York thinks he could help the troubled FIFA. He enjoys football and is a pal of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad , Qatars Emir. Bit late old chap , most of the bribes have already been handed out old chap!

My wonderful football team Newcastle United, who just survived relegation last year have sacked two of the coaches, Dumb and even Dumber, John Carver and Steve Stone, but don’t feel sorry for them as they have been rewarded for their incompetence with £1.5 severance  pay. Our new manager will no doubt see us into mid table mediocrity. The only people I know who get paid for their failures are football managers and coaches and bankers!

My heroine of the week is Sue Radford, a bakers wife who has 18 kids. But it was her and her husbands decision and so they don’t claim any extra benefits. Good for them. I suppose that would mean they have more than the bakers dozen!!!!!

Did you know the average London pigeon has 1.6 feet?

American tank crews have a superstition that will not allow them to eat apricots, allow apricots on board or even say the word “apricot”

Coyotes in the US have learnt how traffic lights work so they can cross the road safely.

Well thats the end of my sixties, see you in the seventies. Poem attached, bit of nonsense really    COLOUR-BLIND

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