I,m early this week as tomorrow I,m going to the Lake District with about 50 family and friends to celebrate my 70th birthday which was yesterday. Dont panic being 70 doesnt feel any different, Yet. I,m committed to live a long longer as I havent finished annoying people. Also I intend going to a lot of my friend’s funerals before my own. I enjoy wakes! In fact I have promised myself the best is yet to come. Yesterday was nearly a normal day as dogs dont recognise birthdays, even significant ones. So woke up early by dog, walk in fields, breakfast,  read morning paper and then off to the beach. We have been having a lot of weather lately most of it cold. This area hasnt had a day over 20 degrees C. yet and it is the middle of June. As I jokingly said to another dog walker on the beach today, it is the longest day on saturday, then it starts to get darker then it is winter. Dont think he realised I was trying to be amusing!!!.Sarcastic or black or cynical humour only really works when you know the other person well. Thats why humour in texts , emails or even FB doesnt really work. Phone is better because you can judge the reaction of the other person better but the most effective is when the other person(s) is actually in front of you.

I digress, the rest of my birthday was good because it involved lots of drink and food in convivial company. The weekend with be similar but moreso.

Did you know one in 20 couples argue so much on their wedding night they fail to consummate their marriage.

Varieties of lettuce include Amish Deer Tongue, Drunken woman, Midnight Ruffles and Red Leprechaun. Never seen any of them in the supermarket!

It is cheaper to send Scottish cod to China to be filleted and sent back to Scotland than it is to fillet  the fish in Scotland.

I,m finding it very difficult to be British at the moment. The refugees fleeing various wars in the Asian countries and Africa are being rescued in the Mediterranean by various nationalities including us but then they are being dumped in Italy . Greece and Malta. We will not accept any of them. Our Home Secretary has said this week she wants the migrants to be forcibly sent back to Africa as a deterrent. So what happens to them then? They starve in camps there? What a disgusting state of affairs. This country used to be proud to support all asylum seekers . Not now. Just let Nigel Farage take over , come out of Europe and then bury our heads in the sand. This country is a disgrace!!!!!!

Poem this week is attached          BLUE

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