Today is the first friday as an old man (but I only say that because officially I am now 70 and and old)

I had a wonderful birthday, lots of presents and best wishes and a big party at a lovely big house in the Lake District we hired for the weekend. i was touched by so many kind wishes. Yes , I may be old but my main present was a parachute jump in the near future. Always wanted to do one. Being 70 has been ok so far and I intend annoying a lot more people before I go. This is only the start of a new chapter in my life.

My tag of Beach Thoughts is not appropriate this week as my dog Bruce has hurt his back and is only allowed gentle exercise for a week. So no beach and no swimming this week. This week is Field Thoughts instead!

The weather this week has been a lot warmer officially shorts and short sleeves now the favoured attire. The rain , that wasn’t actually forecast , has been warmer. So summer belatedly has put in an appearance at last.

Sensational news. One of the women doing catering at Glastonbury, a member of the WI (Womens Institute) is tattooed. How bad is that. Shock, horror. So will they buy her scones and jam and think her tea?

More sensational news. Apparently the taxman doesnt answer his phone or if he does he makes you wait 30 minutes at least to speak to you and by the way we pay for the call to rectify their mistakes. I thought everybody knew they were totally incompetent.

Hero of the week. The 12 year old boy who saved his 2 year old sister from choking after she swallowed several coins. Step forward Ty Rees.

Did you know to kit yourself out as a real life Batman it would cost $ 300 million. No wonder there aren’t many around.

The major of the city of Batman in Turkey threatened to sue Warner Bros. for not asking permission to use the city’s name in the movies!!!

And Disney was sued by a biologist for defaming the character of hyenas in The Lion King. Thats strange there certainly wasn’t any hyenas in the cinema when I watched it. A school teacher has just got 8 years in prison for underage sex with schoolboys. The boys enjoyed it at the time but now think she was a pervert. She obviously did wrong but a giving her the same sentence as a murderer seems harsh to me.

What a surprise, apparently a lot of the railway upgrades which were announced before our general election are either not going ahead or will be delayed. HS2 from London to Birmingham and possibly Manchester and the Crossrail scheme in London will still go ahead but not the ones in the North of England making the Northern Powerhouse .

So to sum up, HS2 will cost £50 billion to make it 20 minutes quicker to get to Birmingham is still good value but linking the Northern Cities of Liverpool, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield and York isn’t. Notice the Tories weren’t bothered by Scotland or Newcastle (who most Southerners think is in Scotland because it is higher than the Roman Wall) And there isn’t a North- South divide?

Poem this week attached  BIASED

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