Weather this week continues summery. Temperatures in the twenties, which is hot by our standards. Too hot for dogs with thick coats like Labradors. Fortunately living at the coast my Bruce swims every day to keep cool. Anybody who knows dogs will be aware when they meet each other they firstly touch noses then they sniff each others arses. (to put it crudely) It may be if human beings did the same we might get on better. It would certainly be a great leveller. just an idea!

Hero of the week is a man who died this week aged 106. He saved the life of  nearly 700 Jewish children during the war. He kept quiet about it for over 50 years. He didn’t think he had done anything special he only regretted that he was unable to save a train load of another 250 children who disappeared on the day war was declared.  All this was discovered in 1988 and he became SIr Nicholas Winton. He claimed his part in the rescue was vastly exaggerated. A true hero!

I feel sorry for the ordinary Greeks whose country is going bust . All their banks are currently closed. They were taken into this situation by bankers and politicians. Now new politicians are using them as pawns to make their own statements. This new regime are only interested in making names for themselves. When voted in they promised the people things they were never ever going to be able to deliver. Now they are blaming the rest of Europe for ganging up on them. Hypocrites.

What a world this is. People go on holiday and are gunned down while sunbathing.  Did the gunman (who luckily was killed) believe he would change peoples opinions by this atrocity and forward the cause of ISIS. Islam is a friendly religion so ISIS doesn’t represent them. Lets face it these people are mentally ill so who is actually financing them?

BP has now paid out £34.5 billion in compensation for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The company was at fault so had to pay out but it appears virtually everbody who lived in the area of the Gulf has received some compensation for something or other.

Well done the England ladies team for reaching the semi-finals of the womans world cup. They actually showed passion and were genuinely upset when they went out. England men , mangement and players take note please!!!!!

59 out of the 60 oldest living people are women (when my book was published) Wonder what that means. but to balance things up, Rome has 7575 streets named after men and only 580 after women. And the only country in the world named after a woman is St Lucia.

In 2013 police arrested a coconut on suspicion of vote rigging. Please don’t ask me why?

Poetry this week is Haikus. Hope you enjoy  HAIKUS 2


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