Its a beautiful day in the world, sunny, warm with a light breeze. The beach was not too busy, and people were chatting to each other as they do when the weather is good. The same people with dogs walk on the beach no matter what the weather but others only appear when it is good weather. Us regulars look down on them and call them fair weather walkers. Tomorrow Im going to Wimbledon for the first time. It is one of those bucket list things to do. Another to be ticked off the list. Obviously im looking forward to it. The weather forecast is excellent so heres hoping.

Well the first Conservative budget for 19 years was entirely predictable. Excellent news for the rich and people who live in the south of England. Poor people everywhere will be worse off but they dont vote Conservative. So much for the Northern Industrial powerhouse.

Greece are still in major financial the ordinary people are suffering. no dodt it will eventually be sorted out. Finance is an easy problem. But people are dying every day in Syria and Iraq in particular and by the way Russia is still occuping parts of Ukraine. And there are smaller ongoing wars in Africa. ISIS is still controlling large parts of the Middle East. But do we really care. 30 British tourists were killed in Tunsia and the government has instructed all existing tourists to come home as they cant garuntee their safety. That is all very well but Tunsia which is one of the more moderate Arab, totally relies on tourism. It means huge unemployment and the ordinary people will of course suffer the most. Poverty is the breeding ground for extremeism so we just create even more problems for ourselves.

The country I feel sorry for more than any other at the moment is Gaza. Their country is virtually a ruin and Israel wont allow building materials in to rebuild the country. The two sides are as bad as each other. Hamas, the ruling party wont recognise the existence of Israel and Israel wont recognise Gaza’s right to exist. Anything happens and it is always the other sides fault. Someone needs to knock their heads together!!!!

Did you know Thomas Edison invented the tattoo pen?

The most common occupation for the wife of a millionaire is teacher. And she needs to work?

A group of pigeons regularly boards the London Underground at Hammersmith and alights at Ladbroke grove. It doesnt mention how they get back. Also the average London pigeon has 1.6 feet.

Did you notice this week doctors claim Aspirin does more harm than good. They keep changing their minds.

Hero and heroine of the week are Leah Washington and Joe Pugh. These two teenagers were badly injured in an accident at Alton Towers leisure park. She lost a leg and he had very bad leg and hand injuries. He has refused pain killers. The accident happened 7 weeks ago and they had a big family photograph taken this week smiling but showing their disfigurements.Very very brave kids.

Poem attached this week is one of my darker ones.     MISTAKES

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