I only say flippant because I have just returned from London today and I am tired. If this is incoherent, sorry. For me that is 300 miles from the rat race of london. I’ve been to Wimbledon to watch the tennis and Lords to watch cricket. I love to visit London there is so much going on for sports and the arts but there are just so many people travelling in the city and queues for everything it is a relief to be back on Tyneside. Ok we obviously have heavy traffic at times but it not the same magnitude. Ilove the energy of London and did a lot of work down there before I retired but I couldn’t live there. I would miss the coast especially. Although I might have to be a bit more careful. A seagull attacked and killed a dog in Cornwall this week. MY dog Bruce might be a different proposition as he is 45 kilos which is 100 pounds or 7 stones however.

Some early humour this week. Apparently Thomas Edison who invented the reliable electric light bulb was afraid of the dark. Well that was a good incentive for him wasn’t it?

In Vermont women need written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth.

The mouth of The Stature of LIberty is three foot wide. It is a woman isn’t it?

All British tanks since 1945 have been equipped with tea making facilities. What happens if they are attacked when making a nice pot of tea?

Interesting bit of information came to light this week. A man who was a Chelsea football supporter has been charged for forcing a black man off a Paris underground train. And his occupation is ************* a  Director with the World Human Rights Forum. Well thats ok then!!!!

When I was in London I visited Windsor Castle. It is very impressive place and is huge. It is virtually a small village. The largest occupied castle in the World. The valuables displayed were stunning. China dinner sets, pictures, statues, tapestries. Gold and silver objects. Some are just stunning. Apparently there is a room where they keep many other priceleess things they haven’t got room to exhibit. Everything is owned by the Crown. And so is the contents of the other 3 Royal palaces, Sandringham, Balmoral and Buckingham. The collection is breathtaking and priceless. But when there is poverty and not enough money for the National Health Service there is an obscenity about it. I felt the same when I went to Italy and and visited their magnificent Cathedrals again with priceless artifacts, especially the Vatican. Stunningly beautiful but look at the number of Catholics who die of hunger and disease around the world. It just makes you think have we got our priorities right? Food for thought.

Also my poem is food for thought        .COLOUR-BLIND


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