Two things in particular have struck me this week as I wander my mostly solitary beach this week. Solitary as it rained for 48 hours and as you can imagine only the really dedicated and professional dogwalkers were prepared to brave the bad weather. The true is I like it better when it is quiet. One because Bruce behaves better and also it allows me to think. In other words have beach thoughts. It is very therapeutic walking alone on a quiet beach.

Ok so my two main gripes are this American dentist who shot a lion and then claims he did nothing illegal. The lion was lured out of its reserve, shot with a bow and arrow and then pursued for 24 hours as he had only wounded it. That is only the tip of the iceberg, its head was then cut off presumably so it could be mounted and there are also photos of him posing with a dead leopard and rhino. Who in this day and age can think it is fun to kill wild animals. Apparently he is not alone it is big business in Africa. You can pay to hunt Elephants, hippos, leopards, crocodiles but they will also kill giraffes and zebras and ostriches. I didn’t actually realise Zebras and giraffes were threatening to man. Anyway I think the hunters themselves should be hunted and perhaps we should mount their heads on our walls!!!!!!

Second gripe is the member of the House of Lords who was caught snorting coke from prostitutes breasts.  He wont resign from the Lords and would you believe he was head of the standards commitee. He was caught complaining how little they got paid for attending the house and how he was struggling to pay the rent for his flat where he was entertaining his “friends” . There are now 800 Lords and David Cameron wants to appoint up tp another 100 so the Tories will regain their majority. It is apparently the case if you donate enough to Tory party funds you can be knighted. In other words you can buy one. Unfortunately it also with the Labour party and Lib Dems but as there donors are less well off not as much.

The  people above believe you can buty most things and get away with it. Alongsde bankers and Premier League footballers they believe they are above the law.

AT this juncture I need some humour. Did you know the DC Comics character Snowflame got his superpowers from cocaine. And up until 1916 you could buy cocaine and heroine over the counter at Harrods.

The Clilean word for plumber is gasfiter.

Gavisti,the sanskrit word for war literally translates “desire for more cows” Thats my sort of war!

When threatened, a limpet can run away at a speed of 2 inches an hour. So not exactly “run away”

Lastly my hero of the week is Chris Froome, who won the Tour de France bike race this week. Despite being spat on, urine being thrown on him and a cheating Italian rider. He is so good the French think he is on drugs. It might also be because the French have been underperforming for 20 years. After Lance Armstong eventually admitted taking drugs winners are now suspected of doing the same!!

Poem this week is another jolly one AS IN LIFE AS IN DEATH

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