As you get older it seems life goes quicker. Last friday seems like yesterday. And summer which hasnt been great is coming to an end. However this week has been warm, flip fops and shorts on the beach. Just as well as I have been walking 2 dogs, mine and my daughters which I have mentioned before is a labradoodle one of the new design breeds. Doesnt shed her hair but needs it cut all the time as it seems to grow like wildfire. They are very expensive to buy but because they are a cross breed and essentially a mongrel insurance is much cheaper! I dont know how people can manage two or more dogs as I find it much more difficult than walking one. They inevitably want to go in opposite directions.

Good news this week, my parachute jump has been approved by my doctor. As I’m now 70 you have to be cleared healthwise. And as I am a diabetic there is some worries apparently. AIt sounds much more dramatic than it is as it it is in tandem with an instructor. My daughter did one and it looked brilliant so I have wanted to do one since then. I’m looking forward to it.

My hero this week is an asylum seeker who managed to walk the 31 miles through the Eurotunnel. It is supposed to be totally secure but he managed to get all the way to England. The brave man deserves to stay here.

Regarding immigrants it is becoming clear this country are accepting a lot less than most other countries. The government pretend they are very strong and not allowing people in. The facts are ten times more immigrants want to go to Germany, four times more to Hungary, Sweden and Norway. Huge numbers DONT want to come to the UK. All these immigrants fleeing Africa and Syria are being dispersed throughout Europe we dont even want to take our share. Yet again I’m ashamed to live in the zenophobic uk.

I see Piers Brosnan had a 10 inch hunting knife confiscated by customs. Apparently he was annoyed! Who does he think he is James Bond? I once had a pair of tiny nail scissors confiscated. Did they think I was going to threaten the pilot with them?

Why is it costing the the tax payer £700 million to convert the Olympic stadium to a football ground. West Ham, who are going to play there are only paying about £2.5m per annum rent. Why?

Did you know 4 million years ago rats in South America were the size of hippos. How big were the cats?

Did you know emporer penguins can dive deeper than the height of the Empire State Building.

WARNING If you have a depressive please dont read this. Squirting cold water into your left ear will make you feel less optimistic!

Todays poem is extremely nondescript    RAIN 2nd draft

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