I have been thinking a lot recently if life after death exists. Not morbidly because t think death is in any imminent. My son died at 18 some 16 years ago now . I have always considered myself a agnostic because basically I only believe in what can be proven. I dont not believe in God, I have an open mind about His existence. But when my son died i did want to believe in life after death in order i might see my son again. I hoped I would be given a sign of some sort my son was somewhere else. Im afraid to say I have had nothing.  I havent given up . I will always keep an open mind. I do believe there is some moral force out there because the next fundamental question is who or what created the universe?

Some religions believe we come back in a different form. Another human being or perhaps an animal or a insect possibly? I just dont know about these things and probably will never find out until Im gone. But what I do wonder is where different religions worship different Gods do those Gods look after people from the other religions. I would like to think they would.

All I can say is we should respect our fellow man and treat them the way we would like to be treated no matter what colour , creed or religion.

Enough of that, but it is food for thought.

Scientists have discovered laughter is infectious. Are they having a laugh we all knew that!

So how many people do you know were on that adultery site Ashley Madison? Apparently all  their personal details have been hacked. Tough.

So Pistorious is not getting out of prison after serving 10 months of a 5 year sentence. You normally get life for murder.

And still a British citizen is held at Guantanamo Bay without charge. For 13 years!!!!!!!! You get less than that for murder dont you.

Humour is called for. According to my information dildos are illegal in Texas as are snakes in New Zealand. Wonder if there is any connection?

Did you know there are now more statues of lions in the world than there are real lions.

Did you know 5% of cats are allergic to humans and Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler were all scared of cats. Why didnt we dress all our troops in cat costumes then.

Finally it was in the papers this week about the guy who hired a Ferrari for 5 days at £850 a day with a deposit of £5000. He wrote it off when he drove under a taxi into a garden wall. The car hire company werent pleased. It was worth £210,000.

Poem this week attached. hope you like it        BODY SLOWS, WISDOM GROWS.

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