Feeble is referring to the efforts of our government to help immigrants. David Cameron has announced we will accept Syrian refugees directly from camps in Turkey. A case of two little too late. What about the immigrants already in Europe. Are we not prepared to help them. I have not always liked the Germans but their attitude towards this problem has been excellent. They believe they have a MORAL obligation to help and will accept a large number of Syrians. Does the UK not believe we also have this moral obligation? We of the European countries are taking less immigrants percentage wise than anyone else. Our government claims we are giving more to overseas aid than the rest of Europe put together. But half the time we don’t actually know that it is reaching the people that need that aid. It is hijacked by despots and officials and doesn’t get to those that need it most.

Europe needs to come up with some co-ordinated plan to help those refugees already here and to somehow stop more coming in by solving the reasons they want to leave their countries. Whether we like it or not a lot of the problems were caused by the West interferring in their internal affairs. We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan but didn’t have a cohesive plan for what to do after we withdrew. We left a vacuum which ISIS jumped into. Syria is a religious civil war which has resulted in 4 million refugees so far. I dont know the answers but the West has to get together with some kind of plan for the future. The way my own country is acting by the time  we have a vote whether to stay in or leave Europe, Europe will not want to remain anyway. What a mess.

Humour.  Did you know Martian sunsets are blue? Did you know Mozart was terrified of trumpets?

The “Izikhothane” are a South African gang who meet in car parks, cover themselves in custard and burn wads of money. Well whatever turns you on I suppose.

And did you know people will gamble more if they are holding a crocodidle. Of course they would!!!!!!

My Geordie word this week is “plodge”. It means to to wade up to your knees only in water or mud.

Two words I came across this week which are not particularly Geordie but I haven’t heard for a while are “cods-wallop” meaning someone is talking nonsense and “flummoxed” meaning baffled or puzzled.

I see Kermit has a new girl friend called Denise big almond eyes and red hair. She does look like a pig though. He seems to have a thing about pigs. But to be honest I don’t know what they see in him, he’s not exactly good looking. He must be interesting!

I see they are saying seaweed is good for you. Well the gigantic Autumn tides we have had this week are bringing in huge quantities onto my beach. My dog is always trying to eat it but it makes him sick. I have eaten it in Chinese restaurants and enjoyed it but it looking nothing like the stuff on the beach. Think I’ll give it a miss.

Humorous(I hope) poem this week     WHY


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