Its Friday again somehow. And fiddly because no matter how I do it changing bedding seems to take ages. I normally have a a fitted sheet but somehow I bought one which is flat and needs to be tucked in securely or I find myself wrapped in it in the morning. But the biggest drag is putting the duvet cover on , or the duvet in its cover. I always seem to get it the wrong way round. I’m still not sure that putting a corner of the duvet in my mouth and climbing into the cover is the best way, in fact Ive just had an inspired idea that I will just sleep inside it to night. I change my bedding every 6 months or so whether it is dirty or not. Is that too much?

This country is going to start naming hurricanes in the same way as other parts of the world alphabetical and boy/girl to alternate. I would suspect my name Derek will not be in the running. For some reason the name is only used in books, TV and film when the character is inadequate, pathetic or a loser. Its not my fault I didnt choose it!

The Tour of Britain cycle race visited my old home town, Blyth in Northumberland this week. Very exciting as nothing ever happens there. It was on TV and my sister and I stood at the side of the road as the riders flashed thro. Couldnt see us but Bruce my dog was very visible. Trust him the showoff.

Sorry but back to the refugee problem. Our prime minister has offered to take 20,000 over the next 5 years which happens to be the same number Germany accepted last weekend! Very generous!!!

A 13 year old girl was sent home from school this week with leopard skin print hair. She had been bullied in the past and this was her way of expressing herself said her 34 year unemployed mother of 6. Her human rights have been breached , she has a right to education says mum. Of course she has pity the mother didnt use her education!

Time for humour. Did you know the BIble is the most shoplifted book in the USA. Some of the dinosaur sounds in the movie Jurassic Park were created using recording of tortoises having sex. (nearly said making love)

That emerging industrial giant, China still has 30 million people living in caves!

Human eyebrows renew themselves every 64 days

Barry Manilows no 1 hit “I write the songs” wasn’t written by him. (him and I have the same birthday but I havent had a facelift or have a nose as big as his)

Finally good for the Queen being on the throne for longer than Queen Victoria. 63 years She is fantastic for 89 years old and I hope she lives a lot longer keeping oddball Prince Charles and Camilla off the throne.

Poem attached                                DESERT


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