Well yes its Thursday but I leave tomorrow on holiday so cant do my normal friday bit. Im going to Prague, Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. All in 8 days. Sightseeing i suppose but I hate being considered a tourist. I like to visit all the important places but will try to go off the beaten track too. Certainly the best restaurants and bars are the ones used by the natives althought you have to be a bit careful these days where you go. To be fair it it is no different at home. At night you need to keep to the beaten track. Im really quite excited.  Then I come home and do my parachute jump. Its all go at the moment.

Wecome Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the Labour Party. I certainly dont agree with all his policies but there is somehow a refreshing outlook to a politician who appears to be honest and straight forward. There is a naivity about him. He will make a change from the politicians of most parties who appear all the same. They never answer questions properly and avoid the truth like the plague. Oh and they make promises they dont keep. I think young people could be attracted to this new approach as they have been turned off totally by the present Rag, Tag and Bobtails. I can also see him giving the SNP a run for their money in Scotland. Only time will tell but he has to be given a chance to see what he can do.

Women wear red clothes when they want to be seductive. So some survey says. But the most popular colours for men and women is black. Least favourite is yellow followed by green. I’ll be looking our for women in red from now on then.

.Did you know Philip is Greek for horse-lover. Grapples are apples that taste like grapes.

As you probably know I have a dog and I have just found out it is legal in 44 US states to eat dogs and the ancient Romans ate puppies!

Astronaut John Young smuggled a corned beef sandwich into space. Wonder if it was meant to be a peace offering to aliens.

Some local authority this week has banned workers from using endearments like “sweetie” , “love”, “darling” or “handsome” because they are patronising and demeaning. Rubbish. Its not the words it is the way they are said, the tone of the voice used. Yet another over reaction in this over sensitive world.

Just like the family who put a 5ft. 7in Wendy house in their garden without planning permission have to remove it. Apparently 2 neighbours complained. It looked really nice so I can only think the neighbours didnt like children or their children were jealous and wanted one like it. It a crazy world we live in.

Finally my Geordie word of the week is “dunch” which means bump into or collide with and not necessarily Geordie word is “lollop” which means to move in a clumsy way.

My poem this week is attached.                                        DREAMS


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