It is now daily becoming colder on my beach. The north wind sweeping up the beach has had me adding another layer of clothing. weather I don’t wind too much . I just wear more clothes and more waterproofs what does get to me is lack of day light. This morning it was dark when Bruce and I left the house to go on the fields for our morning walk (at least he is a yellow lab so I can at least see him in the dark) and it will be dark again for our evening walk. Soon they will be lead walks round the streets, which neither him or I enjoy. But being retired he can at least still get his long walk on the beach during the day. And the bonus is that there are less people and dogs as the weather worsens. I will be left to walk in near solitude to think my beach thoughts.

The largest company to produce Tuna is John West.  Most of our large supermarkets produce sustainably sourced tuna which is caught by rod and line. John West tuna is caught off Thailand in huge nets. Those nets do not discriminate the species of fish caught. Up to 300,000 dolphins are killed in this way every year. It has to be stopped. Don’t buy John West products.

Also a 35 ft Minke whale was washed up on a beach this week . It had been killed by swallowing a plastic bag. We must all be more careful when disposing plastic items. You wouldn’t believe how much is washed up on the beach every day.

So Oscar Pistorius will be released from jail after serving 1 year of his 5 year sentence. Normally prisoners released early have to wear a tag on their ankle. A bit more difficult when you have false legs! Perhaps they should put it round his neck. This is probably too good for a man who ACCIDENTLY murdered his girlfriend by shooting her three times through the bathroom door. Very believable!!!!!!!

So our government have decided it might be a good idea to build new Grammar schools. But we won’t call it a new school. We will call it an annex. An annex , it’s going to be 10 miles away for goodness . I went to a Grammar school and they were good schools, nothing to be ashamed about. So let.s call it a new school and be proud of it.

Yet again one of my hobby horses has cropped up. A German hunter paid £40,000 to kill the biggest African elephant fo 50 years. He then claimed it was good for Zimbabwe’s economy. So that,s why he did it. If we keep doing it there won,t be any magnificent wild animals left.

Enough rants. Humour. Squirting cold water into your left ear will make you less optimistic so be sensible and just squirt it into your right ear!

Most people in the 18th century only had a proper wash twice a year, presumably whether they were dirty or not!

In the 19th century circumcision was used th o treat epilepsy, hernia, lunacy and paralysis especially if you were a man.

Poem this week is as follows    I LAY AWAKE


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