This week has been half term for school kids which generally means crowds of kids and adults on the beach. However the weather has been appalling. Very foggy and heavy rain. Which means quiet beaches, the way I like it. Time to think and absorb the power of the sea.

A muslim man was beaten to death by a 100 strong mob over rumours (I stress rumours) that he ate beef. His family claim it was mutton. How can somebody die for eating (allegedly) the wrong meat?

It has been announced this week the Chilcot report, which is the enquiry into the invasion of Iraq. Why we invaded, who gave the final decision and why we didn’t know what to do afterwards, It has taken 7 years for this report to come out (yes 7 years) , it is longer than the bible and the works of Shakespear. But before it is released it has to be vetted by the  National security office first. The danger is it becomes a whitewash. Will anybody be called to account or be punished. Will we have learned anything from it. At a cost of £10 million will it have been worth it? I just dont trust politicians anymore.

Which leads me onto Guatanamo bay. The Uk citizen has been released today after 14 years but there are still 140 prisoners. How can the West criticize China for civil rights while we imprison and torture people without trial. Double standards I’m afraid.

The British Steel industry is in desperate trouble making people redundant as we can’t compete in the world market especially against cheap Chinese imports. Other European countries can compete but we can’t. It becomes nonsense when the Ministry of Defence has placed contracts for 3 warships and 500-odd Army land vehicles and  Swedish steel is being used. It’s just ridiculous. Margaret Thatcher killed off most of British manufacturing and David Cameron is going to kill off whats left. There are now No British coal mines, virtually no shipbuilding yards, heavy engineering and all the major car manufacturers are foreign owned inc Rolls-Royce, Landrover and Jaguar. There is not a lot left. Although we are good at looking after our banks and bankers!

Now some humour. Did you know half of all human beings have mites living in their eyelashes. I’ve checked mine and I couldn’t see any!

Apparently there are chemicals called arsole, urantae, fucol, dogcollararane, apatite and cummingtonite!

Cremation causes silicone breast implants to explode. Not that that the woman bothers too much.

Sun Jihai, a Chinese footballer was inducted into the Football Hall of fame last week. He played 151 times for Manchester city between 2002 and 2008 scoring 4 times.I have never heard of him, certainly obscure. But wait the Chinese president is a football fan and he was here last week. So not such a surprise then!!!!!!!                                                                                               I didn’t know this but the most tattooed city in the UK is Birmingham with 48% of the population having at least one. In the North East it is less than 18%, which is a surprise.                                                                                         Finally Geordie word of the week is “manky”, meaning dirty or undesirable. English word is “gavilanting” meaning enjoying oneself in a outrageous liberated  way.

Poem this week hopefully thought provoking.WILL WE NEVER LEARN


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