Yes it’s colder now. Snow in some places(not here yet) but a freezing wind on the beach today. But when you walk a dog everyday all you do is increase the amount of clothing you wear and proper waterproofs if necessary. I suppose you get used to it. The dogs don’t care what the weather is like. Mine still swims in winter. But labradors did originally come from Canada and were used by fishermen to retrieve their nets. So the North east of England is relatively warm!!

It is claimed in the newspapers this week that a warped sense of humour could be a sign of dementia. Well that’s me gone then!

Who believes a painting like the”Reclining Nude” by Mogdigliani is worth £113 Million. Not me I’m afraid. In fact it’s obscene.

It’s been a good week generally, Drugs in athletics (apparently it was the norm in Russia)and lots of other countries too. Bribery rife in World and European football. Will it all change? There will be be lots of talking and enquiries and committees formed. But at the end of the day when money is involved it will still go one . Maybe at a reduced scale for a time. The punishments are ridiculously lenient so it appears to be worth the risk.

Well Sweden took in more immigrants last week than the Uk will in the next 5 years. Sorry but I’m ashamed.

I’m backing junior doctors who work the sort of hours no one else would. They have a thing that is none as a vocation. Why should they be paid less for working all those hours. Who else would. certainly not MP’s.

George Osborne said this week rogue bankers should be treated like shoplifters and thrown in jail. Well Mr Osborne I would do the same to politicians!

Apparently Jeremy Corbyn didn’t kneel to the Queen this week. That’s him off the Tower then.

Humour. New buildings in New York must have twice as many toilets as mens. “scatomancy” is telling the future by looking at turds! So does that mean they will say “your going to have a shit future”

A third of British office workers have the same thing for lunch every day!

I America and Europe catering is considered a decent profession. In the UK catering workers tolerate customers. They generally don’t know how to pour beer or have any great knowledge of the wines they sell. Waitresses don’t seem to know much about the meals offered on menus. They are TOLD to ask customers if they enjoyed their food and say “have a nice day” without actually meaning it. Sorry I much prefer to eat and drink in other countries even thought they may speak a foreign language. Is catering just like fruit picking below the the average British worker?

Typical British. When travel agents tried to offer alternative winter sunshine holiday now that Egypt is considered too dangerous they were told “we are not bothered where it is as long as there is a McDonalds there!             Geordie word “gowk”  meaning apple core. And English word “lummox”  meaning clumsy stupid person.

Humorous(I hope you think) poem attached LET BATTLE COMMENCE

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