I normally just blog on Fridays but can’t wait until next friday to comment on whats happened in Paris.

What religion believes going out with kalashnikovs and grenades and killing innocent random people in bars, restaurants and pop concerts make people believe in their cause? That’s right none. These killers are not religious. They do not believe in Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion. They are animals. It is not a coincidence that the war in Iraq is starting to go against them. They want Europe to react against them and further alienate the dissaffected Muslims. We  must not let the right wing extremists take the opportunity to play on the fear of the ordinary citizens.

The tragedy is that this could have been any European city. We need to stand together more than ever. Unity is our greatest strength. The West needs to get together with Russia , China and the rest of the world in a properly considered way and fight this common enemy.

In the mean time our thoughts go out to the deceased, their friends and family and the whole of France. I’m in shock for them. Vive La France. The British stand beside them.


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