I still can’t get over what happened last friday in Paris. It is almost surreal as is fact has overcome fiction.  129 people mainly young went out for a meal, a drink or to watch a pop group and died. Many more injured. How any human being can look another human being in the eye who is unarmed and helpless and murder them is beyond my comprehension. People kill each other in wars. I know civilians die in conflicts but it is the very fact these people were out to have fun gauls me. I think we need to remember this is nothing to do with Islam or Islamics. They are not human , human beings don’t do things like that. The biggest danger now is that we take revenge against the ordinary French, British, American Muslim ,in fact where ever in the west they are. It is not there fault. The best way to overcome is to carry on our normal lives and remain civilised. Always remember these people who have been killed or injured and their families.  Our countries need to have a united front to overcome this evil. But it is never the politicians who actually do it, it the ordinary man in the street. It has to done by the will of the people.

There have been several things in the press health related.

The first is that it is good to drink up to 5 cups of coffee a day. It helps ward off Parkinsons disease  and Type 2 Diabetes. I drink loads of coffee a day.

The next two are really common sense, If you are sleep deprived you lose your sense of humour and if you have a runny nose you become depressed. But it takes a scientist to discover this.

It was very sad to hear of the death this week of a rugby union giant Jonah Lomu. Only 40 this New Zealander was certainly the most awesome of sights in full flow. An 18st 6ft 5inch man who was a world class sprinter. How do you stop someone like that? The answer. You can’t.

The Oxford Dictionary  made “The yellow smiley face” word of the year. Bravo!!!!!

A scientist is calling for a “bedtime mode” for phones, tablets etc so people can get a good nights sleep. I’ve got a brilliant idea. Why not switch it off?

To return to Islam briefly. I was defriended this week when somone showed a video of “United UK” a video explaining why most of Europe will be Islamic states including Britain in the next 25 years. It was based on the premise that Muslims have 8 children and the current European family having 1.8 kids. There will thus be more muslims than others in 2040. I suggested these projected figures were somewhat  speculative. He gave me abuse and defriended me. The only good thing about him was he had a Labrador!

Humour. 1 in 5 British children think fish fingers are made of chicken. Before fridges were invented, Russians and Finns kept their milk fresh by putting live frogs in it! The first “jerky” was called “charqui” and was made from llama.

Just bear in mind vaccinations don’t work on octopuses.

Two final things. Apparently it’s been too windy this week for wind turbines so they have been switched off.

Lastly a 7-year old blind girl has been banned from taking her white stick to school as it might trip up other kids and teachers. Staff have advised her to get around with the aid of an adult or to walk more carefully using hand rails. Idiots.

I haven’t added a poem this week as format has been changed and I cant figure out how to attach the poem. Hopefully normal service will be resumed next week!




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