As my blog this week clashes with a rather more significant event it is a day early.

So Star Wars, The Force Awakens has taken more money in the first weekend than any other film in history. Haven’t seen it yet, but certainly enjoyed the first ones. Just goes to show old fashioned  entertaining movies that  appeal to children have that timeless attraction.

How can students object to Cecil Rhodes statues because he was an imperialist. Most people were during his era. You can’t just erase history. Christopher Columbus by dicovering America caused millions of native Indians to be slaughtered. So we charge present day Spain with genocide! George Washington kept slaves so he condoned slavery. Elizabeth 1st tortured Catholics. We don’t justify their behaviour but things were different then. The Rhodes scholarships have helped lots of students including Africans. Surely that has gone some of the way to rectify his wrongs!

There were some ironic items in the news in the last week or so.         The Batman stripper who fiddled his benefits and the chemistry teacher who grew drugs at home to pay for her mortgage. And automatic car washes in the Uk are being put out of business by Eastern European hand washers.

Humour. George Washington is worshipped as a god by Japanese Shinto priests in Hawaii.

For 14 years during the Napoleonic wars, the capital of Portugal was Rio de Janeiro!

The Persians invented horse riding and trousers. Well one does follow from the other somehow.

Mozart apparently kept a fart diary. You can’t really tell from his music!

Personally I’m not particularly interested in religion. If I meet someone I take them at face value. I’m not bothered what colour they are or what sexuality they are.

I believe you should treat people the way you would like to be treated.. I believe in morals and laws because they form a structure for life. I believe in socialism only because the better off should help those less well off. I would describe myself as a social democrat. I care about other people. I enjoy giving but feel embarrassed about receiving. I love younger children as they have no preconception of life. They just believe what they are told.Their naivety is refreshing.

This time of the year is about goodwill to our fellowman. Well it is in Christianity. I don’t know about other religions.

But why goodwill just at Xmas. Why not all the year?

I believe politicians and religious leaders are the biggest problem. Politicians only think short term about the period they are in power. They think predominantly about themselves and their own status rather than the people they represent. The majority of the present government do not know what it is like to live in poverty.They never will. They don’t know what it is like to live on benefits. Ok I know  in any society there are wasters and scroungers. There always will be. But I believe the vast majority have a work ethic and when they fall on hard times need support from the state. There is nothing wrong with that. Good education, healthcare and looking after the elderly are fundermentals of a civilised society,

Aspiration to better oneself is healthy but some of the extreme wealth is obscene. Why do people need to be billionaires. I get millionaries but not paying £100 millions for a picture, £20 for a house and £500 million for a super yacht. I also hate political oppositions parties who feel it is their duty to disagree with the Government on EVERYTHING the government propose. At times if something is a good idea they should say so. They should also answer questions truthfully not evade issues when questioned or answer a totally different question they haven’t been asked.

I have visited the Vatican in Rome , which is, I’m sure you know the HQ of the Catholic church. Each Pope has his own little area celebrating his life. They are all packed with priceless pictures and artifacts. The whole of the Vatican is crammed with untold wealth. To me it is somehow obscene. Catholics in South America, Africa and Asia are dying of starvation. Why does the church need such wealth.

I’m suggesting a fairer society, where the wealthier help the poor more. I ‘m not suggesting  the rich give everything away, just more. And we all THINK of how we can help more in the future.

Poem attached on the same lines.            GOODWILL

Have a good Xmas holiday and most of all I hope you get everything you really need in 2016.



The last friday before Xmas has been very busy. Final Xmas shopping in the city. A train ride to Newcastle in the morning. Walk the dog on beach. Wrap and post parcels . Visit to vet with dog (just routine checkup) Blog now, with another dog walk to come and finally a well earned trip to the pub. When I worked December was my busiest time of the year. Virtually lunches and dinners with customers everyday and dishing out calendars, diaries and gifts. By the time I reached Xmas I was exhausted. But as soon as you stop work and the adrenaline ceased I used to pick up any infection going. Colds, flu stomach bugs always came my way. Now I’m retired I just get exhausted! Love Xmas itself but it is the build-up that gets me down. But this year my grand-daughter is 2 (on the 23rd Dec actually.) and her face will be a picture to see. Xmas is for children in my opinion.

The new high speed train HS2 from London to Manchester will make it approx 30 mins quicker and it will also be approx 30 mins quicker to Glasgow too. As £51 billion will be spend in England Scotland will receive £5 billion. What will the North East of England receive? Nothing no money and no benefit from high speed train. Also unemployment in the Uk generally is now 5.2% and going down whereby in the North East it is 8.5 and climbing. But who in London cares.

The new Tom Hanks film “Bridge of Spies” Is about a Russian spy in the US , Rudolf Abel (real name William Fisher) who was swapped for Gary Powers , the pilot of the U2 spy plane who was captured by the Russians. He was brought up in Whitley Bay , where I live and had a Geordie accent. So why did Mark Ryland who played him in the film use a Scottish accent . Because it was too difficult.

Ken Livingstone, the ex London major who was born exactly the same day as me and my middle name is Livingstone (coincidence or what) has always been for the abolishment of the house of Lords. But now his friend Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the Labour party he will accept a Lordship to fast track himself into the Shadow Cabinet. Hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!

Humour. During the 1741 General Election angry voters pelted candidates with dead dogs and cats. What a good idea.

Scatomancy is telling the future by looking at turds. what a load of shit!

90% of people live in the Northern Hemisphere. So whats wrong with the Southern Hemisphere then?

The penis of the Argonaut mollusc snaps off during sex: It can only only mate once. I hope the male didn’t enjoy it too much!

So the last coal mine in the UK at Kellingley in Yorkshire closed today. My first job in 1964 was with the National Coal Board and Northumberland and Durham then had 124 mines. Margaret Thatcher closed most of them, then proceeded to sell off most of the UK car industry (the only uk car companies now make toy cars) Even Rolls-Royce, Landrover, Bentley were sold. Ship yards followed soon after and then the utilities were all privatised, so now the Chinese and French own our water companies and the Germans and Canadians own Electric companies. Some of Margaret Thatchers bits and pieces were sold this week raised £4.5 million. So she didn’t do too badly out of it.

Talking of not feeling sorry for someone this week . Jose Mourinho was sacked as manager of Chelsea football club this week . He is  ONLY receiving £10 million compensation. Poor soul.

Geordie word Faff- To dither, mess around with. And English word Slurp- to drink noisily.

Poem this week attached. Hope you like it..WILL I EVER






Last weekend and in some places this week again places in Northumberland , Cumbria and Lancs have been flooded. Keswick major said ” when they had floods 6 years ago the goverment said it was a once in 100 years occurrence and built new defences accordingly. 6 years later it happens again and the defences are breached. Well done  but a goverment spokesman said they are warning people much early that there are to be floods. In other words it is much better to know you are going to be flooded. I think thats what they mean. Any way hats off to all the volunteers who have either rescued people or helped with the clean up. They are my heros of the week. But we know that global warming is causing weather conditions to change so lets have defences that are appropriate. The cost of repairing damage surely outweighs the cost of preventing them.

So Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood is going to be a father of twins at 68. Somebody stated he won’t be able to cope . Lack of sleep , noise etc. Well when you live in a house with several bedrooms and can afford to hire half a dozen nannies I’m sure he will cope OK. He can always get the Stones to go on a world-wide tour again.

So France’s far right National front party topped the polls in French elections. Apparently migration is to blame for the terror attacks in Paris. And Donald Trump seems to agree it’s the Muslims to blame. He in the lead for the Republican nomination so it must be their fault. A petition banning him from the Uk has already got 500,000 signatures after a couple of weeks. Isolationism is not a way to win friends Mr Trump. So piss off!

Humour is called for. The Hawaiaan Pizza was invented by a Greek in Canada. Now thats my idea of international relations.

At school Martin Luther King Jnr.  got a C+ for public speaking.  Not like father like son!!!!!

George Osborne , the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK has a padlock on his fridge. Tight bastard!

The ancient Greek cure for cataracts was to pour hot broken glass into the eyes. I wonder how successful it was.

Cadburys the Uk’s largest producer of chocolates was taken over by Kraft 5 years ago. It is now called Mondelez International. On sales of £2 billion and profits of £150million. it now doesn’t pay any UK corporation tax. All it needed to do was move the head office. Brilliant.

Geordie word this week is gawk meaning staring intently and an English word is lavatory meaning toilet, w.c. bathroom.

Have just read about a film,based on a true story, called “The Revenant.” It stars Leonardo DiCaprio. He is apparently brilliant in it and had to really suffer to play the role. He is tipped to win an Oscar after losing out on 4 nominations.

You will find poem attached.             WAITING FOR THE STORM




So my grandmother was right after all. Scientists have discovered that watching TV does rot your brain.

There were 353 mass killings (more than 4 people dead) in the USA so far in 2015. So you have a much better chance of dying in the US than in a mass killing like Paris or any other European city. Wonder if anyone has wondered if there is any connection with the ease of obtaining guns and the number of people killed. Also the number of people killed in 2015 in mass killing is nearly the same as the total number of soldiers who died in the invasion of Iraq! Food for thought.

So Oscar Praetorius was guilty of murder after all. Of course he was , how he ever got off with manslaughter is a mystery. He will hopefully get life which is 15 years but with the usual take-offs it will amount to 10 years. It won’t bring his girl friend back but will give the Steenkamp family some sense of justice.

We are told in this country what great state pensions we get. I fact out of 34 countries only Chile and Mexico are worse. Based on a percentage of the average wage we come out very badly. So much for looking after the aged.

So the Uk will bomb Syria. Politicians are claiming the bombing will last at least 3 years. And no civilians will be killed. How often are we told that. We are going to bomb Raqqa for three years. How much will be left by then. AND we are not going to kill anybody but ISIS. Surely we should concentrate on stopping their funding and try and remove Assad first. Then hit ISIS from the air and on the ground. But it is also about time the Arab countries tried to solve their own problems. And finally there is the Israel/ Palestine situation. It is certainly complex.

Humour. After Disney released “The Princess and the Frog” more than 50 children were hospitalised with salmonella after trying to kiss frogs.

There are more tattoos on British teachers than there are on members of the British Armed forces.

As punishment for misbehaviour policemen in Thailand have to wear “Hullo Kitty” armbands.

Queen Victoria wore crotchless underwear!

Old mobiles are better to receive and transmit phone call and texts than smart phones as they work with weaker signals.

Hero and heroine of the week are Mr and Mrs Lees who allowed their twin son who lived just 74 minutes to donate her kidneys and liver to a needy person. They were advised to have a termination but went ahead with the birth so they could donate the babies organs. What a selfless act.

Geordie word of the week -Howk- to pull out violently and English word flummoxed- puzzled, peplexed or confused.

Poem attached (nonsense poem, but a lot of people most of my poetry is nonsense!!!!!)           YELLOW