So my grandmother was right after all. Scientists have discovered that watching TV does rot your brain.

There were 353 mass killings (more than 4 people dead) in the USA so far in 2015. So you have a much better chance of dying in the US than in a mass killing like Paris or any other European city. Wonder if anyone has wondered if there is any connection with the ease of obtaining guns and the number of people killed. Also the number of people killed in 2015 in mass killing is nearly the same as the total number of soldiers who died in the invasion of Iraq! Food for thought.

So Oscar Praetorius was guilty of murder after all. Of course he was , how he ever got off with manslaughter is a mystery. He will hopefully get life which is 15 years but with the usual take-offs it will amount to 10 years. It won’t bring his girl friend back but will give the Steenkamp family some sense of justice.

We are told in this country what great state pensions we get. I fact out of 34 countries only Chile and Mexico are worse. Based on a percentage of the average wage we come out very badly. So much for looking after the aged.

So the Uk will bomb Syria. Politicians are claiming the bombing will last at least 3 years. And no civilians will be killed. How often are we told that. We are going to bomb Raqqa for three years. How much will be left by then. AND we are not going to kill anybody but ISIS. Surely we should concentrate on stopping their funding and try and remove Assad first. Then hit ISIS from the air and on the ground. But it is also about time the Arab countries tried to solve their own problems. And finally there is the Israel/ Palestine situation. It is certainly complex.

Humour. After Disney released “The Princess and the Frog” more than 50 children were hospitalised with salmonella after trying to kiss frogs.

There are more tattoos on British teachers than there are on members of the British Armed forces.

As punishment for misbehaviour policemen in Thailand have to wear “Hullo Kitty” armbands.

Queen Victoria wore crotchless underwear!

Old mobiles are better to receive and transmit phone call and texts than smart phones as they work with weaker signals.

Hero and heroine of the week are Mr and Mrs Lees who allowed their twin son who lived just 74 minutes to donate her kidneys and liver to a needy person. They were advised to have a termination but went ahead with the birth so they could donate the babies organs. What a selfless act.

Geordie word of the week -Howk- to pull out violently and English word flummoxed- puzzled, peplexed or confused.

Poem attached (nonsense poem, but a lot of people most of my poetry is nonsense!!!!!)           YELLOW


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