Last weekend and in some places this week again places in Northumberland , Cumbria and Lancs have been flooded. Keswick major said ” when they had floods 6 years ago the goverment said it was a once in 100 years occurrence and built new defences accordingly. 6 years later it happens again and the defences are breached. Well done  but a goverment spokesman said they are warning people much early that there are to be floods. In other words it is much better to know you are going to be flooded. I think thats what they mean. Any way hats off to all the volunteers who have either rescued people or helped with the clean up. They are my heros of the week. But we know that global warming is causing weather conditions to change so lets have defences that are appropriate. The cost of repairing damage surely outweighs the cost of preventing them.

So Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood is going to be a father of twins at 68. Somebody stated he won’t be able to cope . Lack of sleep , noise etc. Well when you live in a house with several bedrooms and can afford to hire half a dozen nannies I’m sure he will cope OK. He can always get the Stones to go on a world-wide tour again.

So France’s far right National front party topped the polls in French elections. Apparently migration is to blame for the terror attacks in Paris. And Donald Trump seems to agree it’s the Muslims to blame. He in the lead for the Republican nomination so it must be their fault. A petition banning him from the Uk has already got 500,000 signatures after a couple of weeks. Isolationism is not a way to win friends Mr Trump. So piss off!

Humour is called for. The Hawaiaan Pizza was invented by a Greek in Canada. Now thats my idea of international relations.

At school Martin Luther King Jnr.  got a C+ for public speaking.  Not like father like son!!!!!

George Osborne , the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK has a padlock on his fridge. Tight bastard!

The ancient Greek cure for cataracts was to pour hot broken glass into the eyes. I wonder how successful it was.

Cadburys the Uk’s largest producer of chocolates was taken over by Kraft 5 years ago. It is now called Mondelez International. On sales of £2 billion and profits of £150million. it now doesn’t pay any UK corporation tax. All it needed to do was move the head office. Brilliant.

Geordie word this week is gawk meaning staring intently and an English word is lavatory meaning toilet, w.c. bathroom.

Have just read about a film,based on a true story, called “The Revenant.” It stars Leonardo DiCaprio. He is apparently brilliant in it and had to really suffer to play the role. He is tipped to win an Oscar after losing out on 4 nominations.

You will find poem attached.             WAITING FOR THE STORM



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