As my blog this week clashes with a rather more significant event it is a day early.

So Star Wars, The Force Awakens has taken more money in the first weekend than any other film in history. Haven’t seen it yet, but certainly enjoyed the first ones. Just goes to show old fashioned  entertaining movies that  appeal to children have that timeless attraction.

How can students object to Cecil Rhodes statues because he was an imperialist. Most people were during his era. You can’t just erase history. Christopher Columbus by dicovering America caused millions of native Indians to be slaughtered. So we charge present day Spain with genocide! George Washington kept slaves so he condoned slavery. Elizabeth 1st tortured Catholics. We don’t justify their behaviour but things were different then. The Rhodes scholarships have helped lots of students including Africans. Surely that has gone some of the way to rectify his wrongs!

There were some ironic items in the news in the last week or so.         The Batman stripper who fiddled his benefits and the chemistry teacher who grew drugs at home to pay for her mortgage. And automatic car washes in the Uk are being put out of business by Eastern European hand washers.

Humour. George Washington is worshipped as a god by Japanese Shinto priests in Hawaii.

For 14 years during the Napoleonic wars, the capital of Portugal was Rio de Janeiro!

The Persians invented horse riding and trousers. Well one does follow from the other somehow.

Mozart apparently kept a fart diary. You can’t really tell from his music!

Personally I’m not particularly interested in religion. If I meet someone I take them at face value. I’m not bothered what colour they are or what sexuality they are.

I believe you should treat people the way you would like to be treated.. I believe in morals and laws because they form a structure for life. I believe in socialism only because the better off should help those less well off. I would describe myself as a social democrat. I care about other people. I enjoy giving but feel embarrassed about receiving. I love younger children as they have no preconception of life. They just believe what they are told.Their naivety is refreshing.

This time of the year is about goodwill to our fellowman. Well it is in Christianity. I don’t know about other religions.

But why goodwill just at Xmas. Why not all the year?

I believe politicians and religious leaders are the biggest problem. Politicians only think short term about the period they are in power. They think predominantly about themselves and their own status rather than the people they represent. The majority of the present government do not know what it is like to live in poverty.They never will. They don’t know what it is like to live on benefits. Ok I know  in any society there are wasters and scroungers. There always will be. But I believe the vast majority have a work ethic and when they fall on hard times need support from the state. There is nothing wrong with that. Good education, healthcare and looking after the elderly are fundermentals of a civilised society,

Aspiration to better oneself is healthy but some of the extreme wealth is obscene. Why do people need to be billionaires. I get millionaries but not paying £100 millions for a picture, £20 for a house and £500 million for a super yacht. I also hate political oppositions parties who feel it is their duty to disagree with the Government on EVERYTHING the government propose. At times if something is a good idea they should say so. They should also answer questions truthfully not evade issues when questioned or answer a totally different question they haven’t been asked.

I have visited the Vatican in Rome , which is, I’m sure you know the HQ of the Catholic church. Each Pope has his own little area celebrating his life. They are all packed with priceless pictures and artifacts. The whole of the Vatican is crammed with untold wealth. To me it is somehow obscene. Catholics in South America, Africa and Asia are dying of starvation. Why does the church need such wealth.

I’m suggesting a fairer society, where the wealthier help the poor more. I ‘m not suggesting  the rich give everything away, just more. And we all THINK of how we can help more in the future.

Poem attached on the same lines.            GOODWILL

Have a good Xmas holiday and most of all I hope you get everything you really need in 2016.


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