Well its a new year. New hope, new aspirations. I’ve never made New Year resolutions. Just tried to look forward with positive thoughts. I’ve made stupid decisions, done wrong things like everyone. But in a way I dont regret my mistakes as I think I learnt from them and ultimately it has made me a better person. Too much energy is spent regretting the past we should be looking towards the future. Some of the mistakes Ive made appeared to be right at the time it is only when looked at with hind-sight they turned out wrong. So 2016 is another year of opportunity no matter what age you are. And I should know because I,m 70 now.

So I wish you all well in 2016 and hope you receive the things you really need to make you happy.

In the last few weeks the North of England has had tremendous floods and lots of people are now homeless. The cost of flood repairs is estimated at £5.8 Billion and there have been more floods since then. We had floods about 10 years ago and it was said then they only happened once in a hundred years , so the experts were wrong and the flood defences put in place then have proved to be pretty useless. If the cost of repair is in excess of £6 billion does it not make sense that we spend what is necessary to stop the floods happening rather than on these repairs. The shadow chancellor of exchequer has suggested all parties get together and decide what monies are needed for this. Then no matter what government is in power the necessary work is carried out. Seems a sensible idea to me so it probably no chance of happening!!!!!. Incidentally while these floods were happening the leader of the Environment Agency was in Barbados on holiday. Also these floods may dampen down the fires of George Osbornes so called “Northern Powerhouse”

Hero of the week is John Beeden who became the first man to row solo from North America to Australia. It was 7400 miles and took him 7 months. He was 3 months overdue, I bet he got a helluva a row from his wife, she probably thought he was in the pub!

Scientists have claimed e-cigs are no safer than the real thing!

Humour  In 2007 210,000 Americans were injured by lawnmowers! Next most dangerous  apparently is the flowerpot. It  is illegal in Chicago for lawns to have weeds more than 10 inches tall.

Orchids can get jet lag. Well they shouldn’t fly should they!!!

A male capuchin monkey will have sex with any female that throws a stone at him. So ladies you have been warned. Don’t throw stones at capuchin monkeys!!!!

I feel really sorry for Mexican Carlos Slim who has lost £13 billion as shares in his company Movil have plunged this year. Bill Gates of Microsoft has lost £2 billion and Warren Buffet, the American investor £7 billion. Bill Gates has to get by on £56.4 billion now.

Sorry no poem this week due to holiday commitments. But it will be back next week.




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