I am not claiming this immediate area has seen as bad flooding as some other parts of the country. Scotland has probably had the worst effects this week, last week it was Lancs and Yorks and the Lake District ( Which is now literally one lake rather than several previously) Most of the fields near where i live are flooded but no houses fortunately. But there are people within 30/40 miles of here who have been driven from their homes. However since last saturday out of 20 dog walks I have only had it not raining 3 times! Thats means full waterproofs and a very wet dog each time. Labradors don’t mind rain in fact seem to love it and mine has still been swimming in the sea. The sea has been very rough and a lot of sand has been washed up against the sea wall and cliffs. lots of new rocks have been exposed.

So a wet start to the New year. When I go down to the beach for my walks I use a parking permit which was £50 a year. they have increased the charge to £250 which is  ridiculous. For the first time in my life I have written a letter to the local newspaper complaining about it. I doubt anything will happen.

Our Prime Minister , David Cameron this week stated he feared his children wouldn’t be able to afford to get onto the housing ladder. This is from a man worth £30 million! What a joker. Me and most of my friends have helped our children with money to buy their first house. I’m afraid that what parents are for.

So black pudding is a super food! In the North of England and Scotland we have always known this.

Back to flooding, Andrew, Duke of York can’t even be bothered to visit the city of York which has suffered very badly. To be fair he is also the Earl of Inverness and he hasn’t been there either!!!!! And while a lot of people in Aberdeenshire are now washed out of their homes Prince Charles’s garden up there has been washed away. Not his house. But even if it was he has several others to live in.

Time for humour. Before they got whistles, football referees waved hankies. Pity they still didn’t!

A Shakespearean euphemism for infidelity was “groping for trout in a peculiar river” That sounds much better doesn’t it ?

Due to flash floods , one of the biggest dangers in the desert is drowning.

“Mambo no. 5 was the theme song for the 2000 Democratic Convention(Bill Clinton’s party) until somebody realised it included a line “a little bit of Monica in my life”

In our latest X factor the winner, 17year old Louisa Johnson has has had voice training since she was 7. Is that not an advantage?

Geordie word this week is -Scrunch meaning to screw up or crumple something.

Old English word is Blubber meaning to weep or cry or sob.

Back to poetry this week , see attached                     OLD FASHIONED

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