After snow yesterday which melted and froze overnight my walk on the beach was cold but beautiful today. Sun was shining from a cloudless sky. As good as a winters day is possible. I was out with my dog in blizzard conditions yesterday and he would have stayed out if I had not dragged him home. Labradors are just insatiable for walking. Due to bad weather the beach looks totally different to the way it was say three weeks ago. New rocks have been exposed and the sand is piled high at the bottom of the cliffs.There was a dead seal washed ashore this week. Anyone who visits beaches regularly will know they are different each day. The sea is such a powerful force it moves things around on a daily basis. I really don’t understand how we can’t use it more to create energy. It is not like windmills which rely on winds to blow. The tide comes in every 13 hours without fail.

So two famous people died  this week. David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Both of them 69. I.m 70 so don’t need to worry that 69 is a dangerous age!

David Bowie was a real star(man) . He was a great inventive musician with clever words and  and music but also a fashion icon and an example to kids who were different. Some of his lyrics were poetical and he showed boundaries were there to be broke. Particular favourites for me were Life on Mars (I can’t stop humming it) Starman, Heroes, Ashes to Ashes, Let’s dance, Young Americans. He changed a lot of peoples attitude to music and seems to have been around for ever. He was a one off and has influenced many of todays musicians. He was also an astute business man who left £130 million, but most of all he was by all accounts a very nice person. RIP David Bowie.

Alan Rickman was originally a Shakespearean actor, classically trained, who was good enough to do comedy and most recently Harry Potter. I remember him first in a TV play called Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Humour.In 2007 Scotland spent £125, 000 devising a new national slogan. The winning entry was “Welcome to Scotland” Very inventive!

“misspell” is one of the most commonly misspelled words in the English language!

If you tickle a rat every day, it’ll start laughing as soon as it sees you. Wear gloves just in case it doesn’t! Also rats can feel regret.

So Jerry Hall, 59 is engaged to Rupert Murdoch,84. It must be love.Also a woman sculptress, 66 is to marry a retired tycoon, 90. I hope they’re not planning long engagements!

Scientists have just discovered a 8ft. dinosaur thigh bone. That’s too big even for my dog.

MP’s are suggesting this week you should be able to select your own gender at 16. Am I just being old fashioned or is this just madness?

Apparently standing on your head can improve your sexlife. But how long do you have to do it for?

Somebody won £33million on the National lottery this week. Personally I think that sort of money to an ordinary person is too much. I think it should be a max of £1 miillion. This would create a lot more of happy people than just one couple.

Geordie word this week is “tetty” meaning a potato. English word “gad-a-bout” meaning a restless person who seeks pleasure or fun.

Find my poem attached.       BLUE GLASS EYE

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