On this small (relatively)island the greatest topic of conversation is the weather. We greet each other with “good morning”, “horrible morning”, “some wind today” “lovely morning” “it’s cold(er) today” It’s much warmer today” “rain’s forecast later” , “those dark clouds look as if we are going to get a shower soon.” You get get the drift. And I suppose it’s because our weather is so changeable. It changes from one day to the next. I live on the coast and the weather ten miles inland can be considerably different. The sea keeps temperatures up in the winter but lower in summer. We don’t get a great deal of snow on the coast as the salty sea air gets rid of it quickly. I’ve been to the Us and they have a weather map of the whole of the continent . It can be -10 in the North and 40 degrees in the south. Because we are an island we don’t have such extremes. We are virtually always unprepared when we have very bad (heavy snow) or a good (sustained sunny spell) we have drought. We don’t use all weather tyres and trains break down for lots of reasons. Leaves on the tracks, the wrong type of snow and last week the winter sun was too low so the driver couldn’t see ahead. Other reasons I have given when travelling was cows or sheep on the track and once I was held up because  a trampoline had been blown onto the track. We have had a lot of flooding recently because of heavier than usual train. Actually where I live we didn’t see any sunshine this year (2016) until the 11th of Jan. All I am really saying is that we get up in the morning here and we don’t know what weather we will have that. Anyone who has a dog (especially a large one) will know whatever the weather you will be walking in it!

Ok i’m sick of weather now. Another of my favourite pop stars has died this week, Glenn Frey. Loved the Eagles stuff, particular favourites were Deperado, Hotel Califiornia, One of the Nights and The Heat is On by Glenn frey himself. RIP

HUMOUR  After the first recorded hurling match the losing team was brutally murdered. Who said “it’s only a game”.

In 1920 Clarence Blethen retired hurt from a baseball game after biting himself on the bottom with the false teeth he kept in back pocket.

Louis X and Charles VIII of France died as a result of playing tennis. Sorry I don’t know how!

Rice Krispies in Germany go “Knisper! Knasper! Knasper! ” I haven’t done the necessary field research but I’m told this is the case.

There was a photo of ABBA in the paper this week . They didn’t half look old. Loved their music but they are 69, 70, 65 and 70. Enough said.

However Helen Mirren is also 70 and she looks fantastic for her age.

And finally after an enquiry it was found that Russia was behind  the murder in London of dissident Russian Alexander Litvinenko and President Vladimir Putin “probably” knew about it. The spineless British government are frightened to say he “DID” know. And why? Because we are frightened of him!

This weeks Geordie word is “wisht” which means quiet and the English word is “palaver” which means a fuss or bother.

poem this week attached                                                          WORRINGLY WINTER

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