Had news that upset my equilibrium this week. A neighbour died of cancer this week. She was in her late forties. The thing was her husband died 3 years ago of a brain haemorrhage. She had cancer which she seemed to have recovered from but then she got a totally unrelated cancer and died. She left a 9 year little girl. Her mother have been living with her for the last year or so but because of their age can’t look after the little girl. She is being adopted by the mother’s friend who apparently couldn’t have children. When you life is going along ok yo tend top be self centred but this just showed how lucky we at times. Don’t get me wrong I have had several major set backs in life. Divorce, death of my son aged 18 and cancer to name a few. but things were going along ok now. My daughter is happily married and I have a 2 year grandchild who is wonderful. We always have to look to the future because we just don’t know what might happen tomorrow.

Terry Wogan died this week and he appears to have been a thoroughly genuine man. He treated everybody the same from the humble doorman to royalty . He had time for everyone. He had the ability especially on radio to make you think he was only talking to you alone. The best accolade I heard about him was he was “A good bloke”

RIP Terry

Robert de Niro appeared in some excellent movies but apparently he has given up acting in the pursuit of money. The Deer Hunter, Raging Bull and the Godfather were all films he received Oscars for. But he really gave up when he appeared in Meet the Fockers and sequel. His new movie Dirty Grandpa is apparently appalling. So RIP Robert de Niro , actor.

Donald Trump got a bit of shock this week. Apparently he hadn’t bought as many votes as he thought he had. But I’m told Ted Cruz is even more right wing than Trump. The only hope is that Marco Rubio makes up some ground. He I,m told is nearly normal. And it doesn’t look as if Hilary is going to get things totally her own way. Good for Adele stopping Trump using her music at his rallies.

We need some humour . Did you know that “the Great Wall of China” was funded by a state lottery?

The Duke of Wellington’s horse, Copenhagan, died from eating too many sponge cakes, bath buns and chocolate creams. And he didn’t clean his teeth properly!

Pandas defecate( shit to you ) 50 times a day . In between they eat bamboo and sleep.

A woman ordered a 26 piece dinner service from M and S. It came in 29 seperate boxes! I couldn’t figure that out either but apparently some of the smaller boxes were then put in a bigger box.

My dog Bruce is called a yellow labrador, but there is no yellow about him . He is a very light sandy colour. Other labs are slightly lighter or darker but not yellow. There isn’t such a thing as a yellow lab. so why call them that?

He sheds a lot of hair all the year round and I fill vacuum cleaners bags in huge numbers. Fortunately the only carpet in my house is the same colour so you can’t see it too much. Also as we go to the beach most days the house is also full of sand. Does anyone know of a use for dog hair and sand. Perhaps they could be used to build temporary accommodation for refugees.

Poem this week is very deep I’m afraid                              HOW

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